The sun started to set along the horizan of Quinzenth, The Jaculus flew with great speed and grace in the sky, among the clouds, zipping and swirling.  

Dante looked out of his window, he saw the setting sun, he saw the Jaculus, it felt almost unreal.  

He knew of magic, he had heard of dragons, but this day was just a relief.  

He lay back on his bed, looking up at the ceiling above him, he thought of his daughter, and his beautiful wife, and prayed they were safe and well.  

There was a knock at the door and Dante quickly sat up. A small womans head popped around the slightly ajar wooden door. She had brown hair tied back in a messy bob, brown eyes and wore what looked like a simple peasants dress, worn and torn.  

'Dante is it? I am Agatha.' The woman spoke happily.  

'Yes, Hello, come in.' Dante replied smiling politely.  

Agatha walked over and perched gently on the edge of Dantes bed.  

'So, what brings you here?' Agatha smiled.  

'I have a daughter, of magic, people are dying in my land, i fear for her life, how about you?' Dante replied in a calming manner like he was comfortable with this woman, as if he had known her a while.  

'Oh my sisters a witch, i just came along as support, not much happening where we used to live. The king of our land, was a royal pain.' Agatha giggled. 

'A Witch?' Dante asked, he wasn't unsure of the concept, but he was not fully certian either. 

'Someone of Magic?' Agatha replied. 

'Yes of course, sorry.' Dante rubbed his hair, going red, he must of looked so silly.  

'Don't worry about it, there are a lot of different terms and titles for magical beings, its whatever you fit is best.' Agatha replied standing up. 'I shall see you at the feast later on!' She skipped out the room.  

The End

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