Estefans quest

Estefans four daughters were his pride and joy.  

Lizibet was a small dark haired girl, she was very petite and looked weak but was strong spirited and showed no fear and danced through life with a smile on her face, finding joy in everything, and with her bringing joy to the people who met her.  
Malentha was also a high spirited indervidual, with brown mousey hair, a happy-go-lucky character, she loved to help people and found a great love in painting and singing.  
Sunniva, a blonde curly haired child, the youngest of the girls, was just as free spirited as her other sisters, but was born on the journey to Quinzenth, Not knowing of her familys past life, she deemed a more innocent view on life.  
And last but not least, Chaos, With Amethyst like coloured eyes, and red long flowing hair she was indeed the most uniquely looking child of the four. Reckless and challenging, though she meant no harm to others, she made many mistakes and could never hold her tounge 

Estefan loved all his children and wife dearly, for travelling From the islands of dismay where he lived to Quinzenth, it was a risk. It was a forgotten land, said to hold the key to cure all fear. But for four hundred years legend had said jaculus dragons had taken over the island.  

The legend said, a sorceress Azenrith hid a rare green Zircon stone in a shrouded meadow, hidden from view. Only one person whos how to get there, and yet that one person will only allow the one destined to have the stone, go there.  


Estefan new of Chaos' power and he knew it was her destiny, even if she did not yet. So he travelled to find Quinzenth. On his journey of 30 nights and 30 days, with only Zerinon and Moxintora to guide him. He had faith. Along his way a many people, outcasts and strugglers with their gift, made friends with Estefan and followed and journeyed to find Quin. The rumours flew in the air, word of mouth travelled from person to person, from village to village, to country to country, and eventually Estefan found Quinzenth, and with him he had a kingdom. And Quin rose from the ground, from the abandonded reckage and the Jaculus bowed to him and the people as if they knew, because they knew, better days were to come. 


The End

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