More than a hundred light amber beeswax candles covered the large hall, all lit brightly, shining beautifully.  

Estefan sat in a large door oak wood chair at the top end of a long table. He seemed to be a in a day dream.  

'Father?' Melentha spoke gently placing her hand on her fathers arm.  
'Yes, Sorry.' Estefan replied quickly, shaking himself aware once more.  
'He is here, isin't he?' Malentha sang excitidely 
'Yes child, he has finally arrived.' Estafen rose from his chair, and as he did the large doors opened.  

In walked Bru and Dante. Dantes eyes were wide looking from left to right, up and down, curious. His gaze then met Estefans 
'Your lordship, i have came...' Dante started to speak slightly with a tremble.  
'Hush, i know why you are here, you are brave. You have came at the dawn of promise, i must offer you a bed to sleep for night.' Estefan spoke with a tone that was of kindness and respect.  
'Thank you sire, you are too kind!' Dante replied pleased.  
'Bru shall take you to your room on the west wing, you may join the evening feast later and tell us of your journey?' Dante sensed it was a question and not a demand, and this settled him a little bit.  
'Of course sire!' Dante replied quickly, he bowed before Estafen and as he raised his head back up, his eyes met another. But it was not the eyes of Estefan, it was eyes of a purple colour and long red hair, a smile soft but sharp, with a red cherry tone. The girl smiled at him noticing he had noticed her, for of course she had not taken her eyes of him since he had entered the room.  

Dantes heart thumped an extra beat, he was sure of it.  
Before he knew it, Bru was rushing him out of the great hall into the hallway.  

'Marium fetch Lilliane, we shall have a feast for the newcomer! Tell her to make a roast, with all the toppings, vegetables and all, This man is from a poor place, i am certian he would of not ate for days now.' Estefan spoke to his gentle wife.  
'I agree, it shall be wonderful, shall we say, at the rising of Noxintora?' Marium responded with a happy tone.  
'Yes,  that sounds perfect my dear. Girls go let everyone know!' Estefan said.  


The End

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