A Suprising Welcome

Dante, holding his pained arm, walked towards the tall black walls. He placed his hand on the wall gently and stopped and thought about what he should do next.  

His mind was starting to slowly function properly again, for he was a wise man, even if he was just a simple carpenter back at home. He decided briskly that the best thing to do was the follow the wall along and hope for a passage or a gate to the inside.  

Dante walked slowly, below his feet was soft grass, which made him smile. He was still soaked from the sea he had came from, his mind was foggy on what his journey was, he hoped it would come back to him sooner or later.  

Eventually no more than twenty minutes along the wall, he came across a giant archway, black stone like the walls, with ivy growing all over, wildly. 

He stopped in awe then realized there were no other people around, he felt confused, he didn't know whether his journey was wasted and this place was abandoned. The sun was rising above him, with such heat, his brow had became sweaty and he was drying from the wet.  


'You have travelled far it seems.' A deep voice called out.  
Dante turned quickly trying to match the voice to a face, with no luck.  
'Don't be started young man, Zerinon has welcomed you, can't you feel him?'  
Dante by this point felt fear, he was uncertian of what the voice meant.  
'Dont be foolish Dante bakron, you are a clever man.' The voice said much more sternly and Dante switched about on the spot trying to find the source of the voice.  
'You are not listening. Listen, feel.' 
Dante stopped, a little out of breath from panic, panting softly.  

The heat was more stronger now, the sweat was dripping from his forhead and his clothes were fully dry. He looked up using his unbroken arm to shield his eyes from the sun. The Sun. 

'Zerinon welcomes you.' A figure swiftly apeared from a wooden doorway. With a long hooded silk black cloak, the figure stepped into the light as they aproached Dante.  
Dante startled again, stepped back as the figure grew ever too close to him. A hand reached out and Dante went to yell, The hand grabbed for Dantes broken arm.  

gehélan!!' The figure shouted! Dante shouted and backed off and fell to the ground.Then there was silence. Not only between the two of them, but all around. Dante felt a tingling in arm, too scared to move it, he looked at it unsure of what had happened.  

'Dont be scared.' The Figure person said almost as if he knew how Dante felt. He Removed his hood. There stood a man of old age, a grey beard and mustache, his eyes twinkled blue.  

'I am Bru and welcome to Quinzenth.' The man smiled and handed his left arm down to Dante who was still on the ground. Dante reached back with his right arm, slightly uncertian, but as their hands grasped and the man, with strength unimaginable to comparrison to his small and weak looking body, Dantes arm had been healed, like it had never been broken.  

'Come quick!' The man spoke and scurried off through the same doorway he had previously came from. Dante gave a soft smile.  

The End

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