Quinzenth a forgotten world, risen from the ground, to restore peace and promise to the people of magic. Whilst living a world of misunderstanding, the chosen on is destined to restore the world from the Evil Vampire King. (to be changed)

Dante opened his eyes slowly, a low sun blinded him. Was he east or was he west? He wasn't sure. But he knew he was on a beach. Sand was around his dry white lips as well as everywhere else as he looked down. He coughed a little. His eyes grew wider realizing he was somewhere he was not. Raising himself with his right arm, he flinched in pain, it seemed to be broken, he assumed. now sitting, he looked up and what caught his eye made his throat dryer than it originally was. Before him was black stone castle walls, at least thirty or forty feet high, he wasn't sure. He knew instantly as he stood up with a sway of imbalance, he was where he wanted to be.  

For Dante had travelled a long way, just on a whim, for he had heard whispers in the wind of a world, a land, a place of promise, with the greatest and most beautiful castle ever imagined surrounded in snow topped mountains reaching up to the unknown above. 
Where it was skin nippingly cold yet the air had a pleasant feel to it which made you forget about your worries. A smile reached his face, from ear to ear, his stained teeth showing proudly, for he was happy, he was glad, he had found Quinzenth. 


With a great responsibility on his shoulders, he was not sure if he was mad or not, to travel so far to reach a land which may or may not of been real. He was thankful it was. He glad it was there in front of his face.  

Back in his home town, a far away place, a different country, he was sure of it, Quinzenth was carried in whispers in the villages where he lived. He lived in a time where certain things where not accepted, and running away was becoming difficult, and so he needed to run away further. He had a young daughter, Alice, who lived in fear because she could do things others could not, and with that, some feared her. Just a child, a scared child, feared by grown men. Dante heard about Quinzenth, from the blacksmith, a man of gossip and is known to tell a few lies. He said Quin had risen from the ground, it had grew and became strong and had the answers. He spoke of the place in wonder and hope, and though he had probably heard from some fish wife down the market, he believed the place to be real. For his wife had been killed for being somewhat different. He wanted peace but could not find it, they had taken the only thing that truly mattered to him, because of misunderstanding. Dante knew if he did not do anything, his daughter may see the same Fate as the blacksmiths wife did. So he went to search for the land, the mythical, and wonderful, land of hope and freedom, that was called Quin. Because Quin was said hold a powerful being who will change the world as it is seen, and people with magic will be accepted.  

Dante knew this could be a rumor, but looking at his tiny child, he knew he must travel and find it and thats exactly what he did.

The End

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