Dear Maria

"Go on and play the leader, 'cause you know that's what you're good at! The low road, for the fast track. Make every second last. Doesn't that mean you'll be the showgirl of the home team. I'll be the narrator telling another tale of the American dream!" I sang into her hair brush. We were goofing around and talking about how we were gonna make it big.

This was Quincy's favorite song, Dear Maria by All Time Low. But we called it Quincy's song.

"I see your name in lights! We could make you a star. Girl, we'll take the world by storm. It isn't that hard," She sang the next part.

We were in her room, the room with yellow walls and the view of the beach, jumping on her bed and singing along to Quincy's song.

We flopped down on her bright yellow bedspread, panting and breathing hard. The parents weren't home, so we had the CD player blaring as loud as it could go.

"Did you see how that really cute guy was staring at you this morning? Oh my god, he is a HOTTIE!!!!!!!" Quincy shouted over Alexander's voice that was creating a rhythmic beat in the room.

"Do you mean Bryan? How could I not have seen him!? Did you know that every store we went into, he was always there in the background," I pointed out loudly.

"He followed you around!? No way!"

"Yeah! It was crazy!"

I came back to the real world, which was in the middle of second hour, as our teacher, Ms. Millainey, started yelling. Everyone else was laughing, so I assumed the yelling was directed at me.

"Ms. Simons, what do you think gives you special privileges in this room to slack off and have a fantasy?" She asked coldly.

"Nothing. I'm sorry, I've just got a lot on my mind," I said quietly.

"A lot on your mind!" She shrieked incredulously. "Do you believe that the rest of us don't have a lot on our minds?" She asked me, voice still high and shrill.

"Forgive me if my best friend, almost sister, is stuck in a hospital with Luchemia," I said standing up. I stormed out of the room, leaving everything behind. It was only my book and a few pencils, and I decided those weren't too much of a loss.

I knew that just because Quincy was sick, it didn't mean that I could cut school because I was upset. But... I had to get away. I needed to talk with someone. The only trouble is, that someone is Quincy. I looked at my cell phone; the time read nine sixteen.

In fourteen minutes, visiting hours would commence. It took maybe, twenty minutes to walk to the hospital from here-- not too far.


"Hey you," Quincy said smiling brightly at me.

"Hey you yourself; you look like you're feeling better," I commented brightly.

"Yeah. I am. But, shouldn't you be in school right now?"

"You should be in school too...." I mumbled quietly, looking down at my feet.

"Hey... I'll be out of here in a few weeks. The doctor told me that after just a few more tests, one a week, I can go home. Isn't that great?"

I stared at her in shock, a smile slowly spreading across my face.

"Really?" I asked.

"Really. Mom and dad are coming in this afternoon, and I'm going to tell them the news."

"That's great, Quincy. I'm so happy for you," I told her, hugging her as carefully as I could so I wouldn't squish her.

"Hi Dallas," the nurse, Colleen Mullins, greeted me. We had become quite aquainted with each other in the last few months; I have been coming here every day since Quincy got out of recovery.

"Hey Colleen."

"What's new with you?" she asked, changing Quiny's IV bags.

"Nothing much... You're not gonna rat me out for cutting school, right?" I asked, suddenly nervous that she might.

"Of course not. I understand," she said, winking at me. "So, did Quincy tell you the news?"

"Of course I did! I would've called, but it was just this morning that I found out, and I figured that I shouldn't disturb you during school," Quincy said, yawning.

"Quincy... You're talking about me, here... Dallas Simmons, famous for texting in class even as a teacher is looking right at me, and not getting in trouble. You've known me for how long, now?" I joked.

We all started laughing, and after a moment of messing with the tubes and whatnot, Colleen left.

The End

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