You decide to refuse the offer and take your chances finding a way out of the woods.

You Refuse the offer, and start to walk away, Torn just stands there eyeing you with a glare that implies: You stupid fool, or something of the sort. As you wander deeper into the woods you start to think if you made the right choice, Maybe courageous isn't the best way to go.

Just as you are thinking you might go back and accept the deal you blatantly stumble into a gang of earth trolls out hunting, As you turn around to run back two of them just sink into the ground and emerge directly in your path.

They grab you and suddenly you are overcome by dizziness , you are unaware of the throbbing in your leg as you slowly drift into unconsciousness.

you wake up hours later inside a stone cellar  tied to a spear sticking out of the ground, you try to wriggle free but just as you feel the binds coming loose there is a rhythmic knock from the stone wall on the other side of the cellar. you stay still as the wall starts to just disappear right in front  of your eyes.

Standing where solid stone wall was just a moment ago, is an ugly troll made out of large lumps of stone, not unusual in questworld.

The troll makes his way over to you and suddenly you feel how weak you are, as if triggered by the presence of this thing.

" I AM MANGERATH, AND YOU ARE?" he asked in a loud grumbling voice that sounded more like an earthquake then speech. You wildly make up a name on the spot,  "I am condor", you say in a voice that sounds more courageous than it really was.

You feel stronger now and you think that you might be able to make an escape,


The End

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