You agree to follow Torn deeper into the woods.

You smile and with a laugh say, "and whats a pack of spiders? Thats nothing i cant handle." Torn smiles and draws his hood back onto his head, "good now follow me i know an easy path." You follow Torn as he darts into the woods, it seems as though he picks the deepest part of the underbrush to walk into but as you begin to push through the foliage easily bends aside. You follow Torn for awhile almost running as you try to keep him in sight, you lose him for a second but rounding a copse of trees see him crouching behind a stump. As you slow your pace and walk up to him you realize your breathing rather heavily for such a little run. "Slightly out of shape i see." Chuckles Torn, you blush and with a tilt of your head say "We'll see how out of shape i am when we get to these spiders." Torn points ahead past the stump at first it seems as though the clearing is cloaked in mist but upon closer inspection you realize its a giant web covering the trees. "Wow thats amazing, but wait i see movement inside the web." You look down and see that Torn is already gone you catch sight of him to the west of the clearing entering it slowly. Torn motions for you to enter. You draw your sword and crouching inch your way forward, you head towards the movement. As you near the webbing you see it is not that thick, there is lots of it though and it does obscure your vision. Suddenly a dark shape hurtles towards you from the side and another from the front, you duck the first and slash upwards to the side. You catch the flying shape square in the middle and your sword slices through it splashing your face with foul smelling blood and chunks or hairy spider carapace. Turning quickly you slice to the left with your sword but the spider is faster then you and it bowls into your legs its beady multifaceted eyes glow red in the dim web filled clearing. You manage to keep your balance and with a downward chop sever the spider in twain. Looking to the west you see Torn similarly dispatching at least four spiders he weaves his twin swords gracefully slashing left and slicing right, he is so caught up in his dance of death that he doesn't notice a huge black shape shambling towards him. You run yelling straight at the creature, "Die foul beast!" It turns towards you and at that moment Torn appears jumping over top of it and plunging his swords both into the monstrosity's head up to their hilts. The spider drops slowly to the ground and the remaining shapes scuttle into the webbing. "Nice work Kalith, glad to have you here to help." Torn smiles and you just catch the gleam in his eye in time to dodge his blade. You back away and standing in a totally defensive stance have to make a decision.

The End

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