Untie the net, freeing yourself but falling from a great height

You untie the net easily but as you fall you begin to wonder if this was the best idea. you try to land on your feet but don't quite make it. Your legs hit and you slam your head painfully into the earth. You awaken sometime later and realize the sun is beginning to rise, the early morning mist is forming and this gives the forest a creepy feeling. The trap you blindly blundered into is a simple snare, feeling stupid you get to your feet and almost fall again as a wave of dizziness overcomes you. "I have to find a way out of these woods." You exclaim to yourself and to your surprise a voice answers you. "A way out?" "Now why would you want to get out when a great treasure lies deeper into the woods." Looking around you see nothing just the mist and thick dark trees. "Show yourself heathen, i have no time for games." You wish you felt the courage that resounded from your voice. " i prefer to remain hidden." The voice was quiet like a blade sliding from a scabbard "People in my line of work usually keep to the shadows." You slowly circle around suspiciously eying the shadows. "You mentioned treasure knave, am i to trust the word of one i have not seen?" A laugh from behind you whirl around and see a man seemingly materialize out of the mist. You both eye each other for a second the man is hooded and cloaked in black. Two swords swing from twin scabbards on his waist. " I didn't mean to frighten you and for that i apologize." With a bow the hooded figure exclaimed. "My name is Torn, I am a adventurer like yourself by the look of things." You straighten out of your battle stance likewise bow and say with a steady voice. "Glad to meet you Torn my name is kalith." Smiling despite the ominous meeting you again think of the mentioned treasure, "now about that treasure?" With a laugh Torn pulls a map from his pocket, "I stole this from a nearby town it appears to show an old bandits stash." You were not born yesterday so you slyly ask with a snide sarcastic tone of voice. "And why wouldn't an accomplished thief such as yourself not simply get this treasure himself?" Torn laughs right in your face takes off his hood and says. "I like your style Kalith you have courage, the cave is guarded by a pack of giant spiders." Torn looks at you with a penetrating stare without his hood you notice his features for the first time black shortcut hair dark blue eyes and a large scar running from one cheek to just below his mouth. "So whats it gonna be Kalith you in or not?" "if your not in though im not gonna be able to show you the way out of this forest." Torn's dark laugh that follows his comments make you unsure if he was joking or not. "Well time is wasting you better make up your mind, whats it gonna be?"


The End

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