Perhaps Pickle should be allowed to attempt something...

Pickle looked around nervously and slowly raised his hand in a schoolboy fashion. Kal stared rather coldly at him and nodded.

"Errr, Kal do you mind if i try to do something? I could help!" Pickle stammered. But before Kal could answer with a "Or i could just feed you my axe!"   -  Falcon Boomed "Good Chap! I knew you wouldn't let us down laddy" clapping the small robed figure on the back, Pickles slightly too big wizarding hat came loose from the blow and slipped down his head covering his eyes.

"Well yeah i do know a few bits and bobs here and there" said Pickle blushing with the compliment, hastily adjusting the conical hat with both hands that were drowned in the sleeves of his robe. "Okay stand back let me warm up" Limbering up his arms and flexing his long fingers pickle muttered a few words under his breathe creating a few tiny sparks dancing from finger tip to finger tip changing colour as it hopped from thumb to forefinger.

"Okay, Right, Erm, So, Something to let us get ALL of the treasure out." Pickle whipped his spell book out, seemingly flipping through the pages at random, and with a yell of 'Ahhh' snapped it shut and shoved it back into his sleeve quickly flashing a grin at Falcon when he enquired exactly how many slots in his inventory it took up. Outstretching his hands high into the air he began a slow swaying motion.

Meanwhile Kal was experiencing two feelings. Firstly he felt like stabbing the hell out of Falcons smiling face, secondly he felt like stabbing the hell out of the newly formed backup dancer that was Pickles. Just as he was about to voice his opinion that Falcon actually had a huge horn of a nose, Pickle abruptly shouted "Acervus Curvo Corrumpo"

The customary waiting period, then Pickle gave a small squeak and unleashed absolute fiery chaos from his palms. Every item of worth in the Cavern was being obliterated by the fire raining from Pickles palms. Kal Falcon Rufus all dropped to the floor with their eyes shut tight, Kal screaming profanities to high heaven, Falcon roaring, and Rufus with a high pitched squeak that sounded like he'd taken a blow to the Gonadz.

Suddenly the light vanished from the Cavern and Pickle dropped his hands to his sides. Covered in soot from head to toe suprisingly calm he said, "OH MY GOD BLOODY HELL WHAT HAVE I DONE!"

"I am actually going to dismember you, and after I am done, i am going to dismember your dismembered parts, after im done dismembering your dismemberment im going to feed you to Ronalds slightly more demonic cousins." Kal roared, spittle flying from his open mouth. Axe raised above his head he rushed at Pickle, and two paces from Pickle quite cleanly got smacked in the face by an oversized book being wielded by an undersized fairy.

"Section 147, paragraph 4, line 6, 'At no point during an adventure, may the leading adventurer dismember a non evil-entity within his or her own party.'"

"Shove it spandex pants"


Kal at this point wondered not for the first, and definitely not the last whether it would actually be worth it to go to Adventurer's hell just for murdering the poxy fairy.

"Why so angry Kal?" a voice like the mincing of boulders said behind him. The fairy made a poof sound and vanished from Kal's sight.

"Nothing Ronald, everything is fine just fine." Kal began rubbing his temples, his patience was indeed non-existent.

"Okay Rufus, Rufus! stop squeaking. Tell us how to get out of here, we need to go and find the bloody Tombs of the Everswamp." Frowning slightly at the words in his mouth Kal considered the fact that maybe he had not remembered the name of the Tombs correctly, shrugging, he decided it didn't matter because in Questworld, if they didn't exist before he said it, it certainly did now.

"Kal, we have a problem.."

Pickles voice igniting Kals already boiling temper, spinning on his heel gripping his axe tightly, ready to behead Pickles no matter what the bloody Fairy had said, When he stopped and it slowly dawned on him. Where the hell has Falcon gone?.

"Kal, okay dont be mad again please, it's best to come out and say this, i didn't mention it before, because to be honest i didnt actually notice. But Kal, ... Kal i've turned Falcon into a Lemon. It's a rare side affect from the Magic blaze" Pulling his hands out from behind his back, Pickle presented a small lemon in miniture adventuring clothing, complete with a backpack strapped to the back of it.

The End

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