Kal pretends to give in in an attempt to get past the living blockade, thinking he'll ditch Ronald somewhere later.

"Alright, er... Ronald." said Kal, reluctantly. "You can come with us."

The big red furry demon in a bow tie was overjoyed. He leapt only a few inches in the air and came down with a thunderous BANG!, which seemed to shake the whole dungeon.

"Great! What is our mission?!"

Kal thought this excitement was disgusting. He did his best to answer the question in the most boring way possible. It didn't seem to work too well, though.

"I'm looking for the Lost Tombs of the Ever Swamps. But since I don't know where that is, I'm looking for treasure here. Rufus is leading me to it."

"Wow! That sounds fantastic!" shouted the enormous horned teddy bear. "What a grand adventure we shall have! Where is the treasure, Rufus?"

"It's b'hind th' door, righ' there." Rufus pointed to the large wooden door directly behind Ronald. Ronald shifted out of the way, looking a little disappointed as if the adventure was already over.

For a moment everyone sat still and stared at the door. Kal saw an opportunity to make fun of them, and seized it. "What are you all waiting for, a swarm of treasure-defending nims to break down the door and smother us to death?" He laughed for the first time in who knows how long. Then he walked right up to the door and turned the knob.

Except that the knob wouldn't turn, because the door was locked. He raised his axe over his head and prepared to chop the door into tiny pieces. 

"Wait!" sounded Falcon's bold, trumpet of a voice. "If there really are treasure-defending nims back there --which there certainly are, now that you mentioned them-- they'll hear you hacking away at the door and they'll be all over us before we can get through!"

This didn't matter to Kal, he had fought plenty of annoying creatures before; He may not be a valient, honorable, happy-go-lucky Hero, but he could definitely slaughter some nims.

Before he could voice this opinion, however, Pickle had voiced his own. 

"I'll magic the door open!" He said with glee. "I can do it so silently those nims will never know we're coming!"

Kal rolled his eyes and began whacking the door with his axe anyway. 

WHACK! WHACK! and Kal was through the door, and three greasy black treasure-defending nims were already jumping out and attacking his companions. I'm sure Falcon can handle those three, he thought to himself. That just leaves the remaining two, four, six... he counted... eight... eleven. 

One by one, Kal easily axed them all in half. As he yanked his axe out of the eleventh nim, he turned back to the door and observed a very strange scenario.

Rufus was in the chamber with him, and so was Ronald... mostly. Ronald's head and all of his limbs were in, but his rear end seemed to be stuck in the door frame. Rufus was tugging quite uselessly on one of Ronald's toes, and the look on Ronald's face plus the sound of his groaning created the illusion that he were trying to defecate. And, from the other side of the door, mingling with the noise of Ronald's frustration, came the sound of a clumsy mage and an inexperienced, arrogant ranger trying to destroy at least one treasure-defending nim. 

Kal wondered whether there was a rule in the Code that said a Hero must always assist his companions when they are in peril. But then he realized that the mage was the only one who would be able to get the demon out of the door anyway. And seeing as the mage was currently occupied, Kal decided to take a look around the chamber.

The End

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