Pickle is attacked immediately.

Attacked by a large number of rather small chirpy rats. After Pickle's initial yelps at the touch of the small chirpy rats each scratching Pickle's small Wizarding Boots, he opens his eyes.

"Where's Owr Fathar? D'ya know where e' has gone mr Wizardry looking man?"


As Pickle blusters trying to fend off the eager eyed rats, Kal, Falcon and Rufus emerge from the hole in the wall directly behind Pickle.

Kal takes in the scene, dissapointed slightly that Pickle hasn't had at least one arm hacked off by a lurking Dungeon Menace.

"So... Wheres this treasure then Rufus? ...Rufus!! for god sakes!! mangy flea infested lump of fur." Kal seethes as the newly found companion/rodent talks to his children, not for the last time Kal seriously considers squashing the bugger with the butt of his axe.

Making Grand gestures in the air with his rat paws and with the aid of his scabbed tail Rufus adresses his Children.

"Naw Daddy Rufus is gonna become a Adventurer, with these geezers, the Mighty Kal, Noble Falcon and errr, the Mystical Pickle? anyway, tell ya' motha that i'm goin' away for a while."

The Seeds of Rufus's furry loins scatter away through a crack in a wall opposite the adventuring trio.

"So, Rufus, where is this treasure?"

"Alwryt governer, well its just through that door, past the..the..the."

"What is it little fellow? what are you trying to say?" Falcon asks,  'hmm, scrabble board? oxford dictionary? oh i know', "Big, Red, Horned, Bow tie wearing Apocalyptic Demon?" Falcon booms, helping out the stuttering rodent.

Kal slaps a scarred hand to his forehead realising what is about to happen.

And as is the way with Questworld, out of the gloom and into existence comes the fabled Questworld Demon, Ronald.

The End

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