They need to be saved. Again!

Kal could feel the last of his fingers letting go of the ledge, praying that he was very wrong about this being a very long drop, when suddenly a massive hand grasped tightly around his wrist and effortlessly pulled the three heroes up onto safety.  Kal looked to thank the man who had helped them out but looked at only a reflection of himself in a ridiculously shiny breast plate.  Then he heard a deep chuckle that reverberated  through his body" You seem to be in need of a bit of help youngling " followed by another chuckle. Kal's eyes rose so high his neck hurt from the strain. Stepping back a couple steps to keep from breaking his own neck , he almost fell over the edge again.  Falcon, after stopping Kal from discovering what actually lay down below in the darkness, stepped forward and offered his hand to their gigantic saviour. "Well met and thank you friend for your timely rescue."       

Kal just stared at the man knowing he should say something that sounded alot like what Falcon just said but he could not stop looking at him and thinking that is what a Hero should look like. The armor seemed to glow from the inside, the etching on it was flawless, not a dent or a scratch marred it's perfect beauty. He was also adorned with matching leggings, arm-guards and gauntlets, his helmet was a deep crimson with crafted rams horns that were of the purest silver Kal had ever seen. Hanging from his waist was an axe that the young hero to be was positive he could not even lift as well as a mace with a spiked head bigger than Kal's.

Kal finally managed to say " Thanks for the help." Falcon seemingly un-fazed by the gargantuan started discussing various fighting techniques and conquests that made Kal's head spin. Deciding to do something other than stare at the warrior he went to check on Pickle. the wizard was brought quickly back to the world of the conscious with a few well placed slaps to the face. "What? Who? Where? OUCH !! stop hitting me !" the mage cried out. "Whoa, man he is huge. Now that is a warrior !" Pickle mumbled under his breath, not quite soft enough not to be heard "Eeeeek ! " he squealed as Kal reached for his axe, that was more than suitable for decapitating squishy little mages. Scrambling away from the axe wielding warrior Pickle ran up to the other warrior to offer his thanks and probably more so for the giant's protection.

"Greetings my good wizard, I hope you are faring better now. It would be a great shame to lose the services a magic user in a place like this." Pickle's head seemed to swell fivefold at the warriors praise as he turned towards Kal with a smirk. Kal gripping his axe a little tighter took a few steps towards Pickle, causing him to skitter closer to his protector. "It is always good to see a fellow warrior," the huge man rumbled as he stepped toward Kal."  I am known as Balder Trueblood to my friends, the few enemies I have left alive,  wake up from their nightmares whimpering the name Bloodbath. I am not sure exactly when I became known as that but I kind of like the sound of it," he said chuckling once more. So who might you be young warrior, I am told by Falcon here that you are destined to save the world. I offer....

" I am called Kalith good warrior it is a pleasure to meet you." Kal quickly spoke, before the warrior could offer to become one of his companions.

The End

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