Go down the one with the spiky rocks.

Kal turned his gaze between the three entrances to the chamber in which they were standing. He didn't like the look of any of them. He decided against taking the route from which Falcon had just come, thinking he liked this one the least. Not becaue it was any more dangerous than the other two, but rather because he already really disliked Falcon.

He mulled over the idea of travelling down the passage from which the red glow was eminating. That glow might have been coming from a great big horde of treasure. This was promising. There again Kal also knew his own luck and determined that red meant fire and he was more likely to get roasted. That just left the passage of pointy rocks.

"Alright." He said pointing in the direction of the passage. "We'll take that one then. If Pickle wakes up just knock him out again for me would you?"

Falcon looked confused.

"Why would I want to do a thing like that? Doesn't sound like a very  valorous thing to do. Going round hitting defenceless mages."

Kal could feel a vain in the side of his neck protruding angrily as he forced back rising anger. He would have called the Code Imp something really nasty if it wasn't for the fact that the little begger might re-appear.

Gathering more useless junk from the corpses, he heaved it to the passage entrance. He was trying his abject best not to sound sarcastic.

"Just a little friendly joke between me and the wimp ... erm ... wizard. I would never do anything dishnorable. Off we go then. Adventuring to be done."

He could feel bits of enamel breaking from his teeth into his mouth.

"I really love adventuring."

Falcon strode off at heroic pace into the next area of the dungeon with the still unconcious Pickle bouncing rhythmically on his shoulder. Kal lumbered behind him cursing and muttering under his breath.

The good thing about stalagmites was that you could hide things behind them. For five ten minutes Kal secreted scimitars behind the big rocky spikes whenever Falcon turned his back. He claimed that he needed a little time to place them all in his big magical pockets. When he finally managed to catch up, he didn't have any of the debris slowing him down, but his pants did feel somewhat baggier.

Falcon who had been talking chirpily to himself, (he hadn't really Kal just wasn't paying attention,) made a point of stating that there weren't any monsters down this tunnel and that therefore it was probably heavily trapped.

Kal started looking frantically for tripwires, loose pieces of rock or suspect items conveniently placed where you could pick them up. Before he could shout, "Falcon mind your feet.," he heard an almost inaudible click. This was followed by a very audible grating sound as a stalactite shattered on the floor next to him almost impaling his skull.


The ranger stopped, apparantly oblivious to the falling ceiling of doom.

"Yes. How can I help you my friend?"

Kal looked at him incredulesly.


Another granite spike missed Kal by inches as the warrior made off faster than a horse with a burned bottom. He grabbed Falcon around the waste with crook of an arm as he went, pulling the perplexed hero with him.

Luckily it wasn't too far to the next exit. Unluckily. As Kal found out. The floor stopped a few feet after he managed to drag the wizard wielding ranger through the opening. He ended up hanging onto a ledge for dear life with the ranger dangling off his legs. Falcon had just about been able to grab Pickle by the ankle. Not that you could see the wizard, his robes had turned almost inside out and covered the rest of him, making him look like a big lifeless, purple bundle.

Whispering prayers to every god he could think of Kal did all he could not to look down. He had a very good idea that there wasn't any floor for quite some meters, if at all.

The End

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