Don't worry, they're in the dungeon this time. Surrounded by enemies.

Again came the seconds of dizzyness as the two materialised at their destination. Again Kal gingerly glanced around. This time expecting the worst.

He could see rough, moss covered stone walls, he could see little torches mounted in them, he could also see a series of glowing red eyes sitting in the corner of the room they'd just landed in. The aformentioned pair of eyes where mounted in something that was blowing little puffs of steam into the air and making more persistent screeching sounds.

Standing up and dusting himself off, Pickle said loudly.

"See! I said I could get us into the dungeon. Typical large sized dungeon chamber this. Look it even has the standard table and chair set that looks totally unused and out of place ... and ..."

"Shh!!!" Kal whispered threateningly. The moron mage continued.

"How rude! I did as I said didn't - Oof!"

Kal now feeling somewhat satisfied for elbowing the magic user in the ribs turned his attention back to the set of eyes which where bobbing towards them as their large, seemingly agitated owner stepped out of the gloom it had been sitting in.

It was about the size of a large human and covered in thick black fur. It resembled a bizarre cross between  a spider and a man. Massive barrel legs attached to a torso that you could smash stone on and two arms that could bend iron bars. That is about where the resemblance stopped. Protruding from the being's sides were six powerful, arachnid legs each wrapped around the hilt of a scimitar. The face was also spider like. Eight little eyes glaring from a mandibled mouth. This is where the steam was escaping from, if spiders couldn't snort they certainly could now.

Kal had been concentrating so hard on the mandibled mutant that he hadn't realised he was standing on something soft. He allowed himself a second to glance down before realising to his horror he was standing on the back of another of the things. This one was quite dead. It was also quite possibly the other one's mate.

This was so far from good that good hadn't even been introduced to it yet. He readied his axe hissing to Pickle.

"If you have anything that's going to help us I suggest you do it now."

It seemed the wizard was already one step ahead of him. He was standing with his palms outstretched towards the foe mumbling beneath his breath. Kal could feel static building in the air. It looked like Pickle was actually about to do something impressive. The mage let out one loud final cry.

"Constituo Flatus!"

There was a big blue flash and as Kal looked on Pickle shot backwards several feet into a  wall. He made a loud crunching sound before sliding down it into a heap on the floor.

Kal swung back to the monster which must have been in breathing distance of him now. The words he was whispering under his breath would not have been fit for any scribe to print anywhere.Ever.

"Bloody wizards! I knew this was going to happen."

He had raised his axe above his head and was about to charge but stopped when he ralised the spider monster was still several feet away from him. The red of its eyes was now a brilliant blue colour and it was shaking uncontrollably, its high pitched screeching was also getting more high in pitch. To the point Kal thought his ears where about to start bleeding. Then the shuddering stopped. Infact everything stopped. It just stood there.

There was a long second or two where Kal couldn't quite understand what Pickle had done before there was a tearing popping noise and he got showered with blood and bits of bone. 

Feeling nausious and covered in goo Kal wiped red muck from his eyes with the back of a hand. As he turned to pick up his unconcious friend he heard more screeching coming from a short distance away. It was echoing around the walls.

It started as one high pitched tone but that tone started to thicken out as if other high pitched tones where joining it in chorus. The noise was getting louder.

Kal ran towards pickle now but as he placed his foot on the stone ground his boot skidded and he ended up on his back. Fear struck him when he realised he couldn't get up. His armour was weighing him down and there was so much mess on the floor now he was left flailing about like a stuck turtle.

The chorus of death was getting louder and closer by the second.


The End

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