It's the Dungeon!

The word that sprung into Kal's tired and aching head was "Finally!,"  as he saw a signpost sticking out of the mud. It read:

"Dungeon of unimaginable horror and terrifying anguish ahead. All traps and monsters copyright to B.R.E.A.K.M.E. Ltd. All rights reserved."

Kal wasn't entirely sure what this meant but was pretty certain that he had finally found his goal. Breathing a heavy sigh of relief he pressed onward  to what appeared to be nothing more than a great big dark hole in the ground. No steps. No ladders. No nothing. Just a hole.

He scratched his head and poked the hole with the tip of his axe. It undulateled as if the blackness was liquid.

Of course! It was a magic hole! Kal rolled his eyes. He didn't like magic it was way too unpredictable but the only way to circumvent this sort of magic was with a mage. He didn't like mages either. They didn't understand the art of blugeoning things and died extremely easily.

He winced knowing what he was about to do would probably prove to be a really stupid idea later. Taking a deep breath he made up a name and hoped for the best.

"Erm  ... err ...  I wish that really clumsy yet very charismatic mage Pickle was here. He gets everywhere and always seems to be around just when someone needs him."

He took a deeper breath and waited for the expected entrance of his new companion. A voice came from behind him.

"Nasty things holes. You don't just want to go walking into holes. Not good if you fall don't you know. Never know what's at the bottom. Magic holes are worse you can fall up a magic hole and not even realise you've done it!"

Kal turned to see a twenty year old in what appeared to be a big purple dress and conicle hat standing right behind him. He folded his arms.

"You'd be Pickle then?

"Yes. I was just eating my lunch in The College of High Magic and ... am I in a swamp? Excuse me. Do I know you?"

"No but I'm sure you will do after we've crawled out of that dungeon."

"I don't see any dungeon, there's just a hole in the ground."

"I know that. As you've just said, it's a magic hole, and I'm about to magic you through it with my boot if you don't let me in to the dungeon. Oh. I'm Kalith Willowhaven and you are now my companion."

"But I don't want to be a companion I want to go home."

He brandished his axe menacingly.

"You are now my companion. Or I'll just have to find another mage to go on lots of adventures with."

"You don't look very happy you know. Actually you look like you're very annoyed ... actually."

"I look like I'm about to cut you into lots of bloody bits if you don't get me into that DAMN HOLE!"

The mage obviously realised that the mood this warrior was in he'd be an ex-mage before he managed to get one magic syllable out and decided to change his tone very quickly. Best to cast the requested spell now and ask questions later.

"Ah. Entry spell then. Oh these are easy all I have to do is just say the right incantation and teleport us into the dungeon. Now what is it? Oh yes."

The mage took a deep breath and waving his hands mysteriously in the air said.


For a second nothing happened. Then there was a poof and everything went black.

Kal sat there in the darkness. Something didn't feel right.


The End

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