Life as we knew it

       In chapters, 6-10 they where exaggerating on the topic of food.  Miranda and her mother begin worrying about the amounts of food they will receive and how to destort the food through out the family. This is a problem that is beginning to arise from the real world, today. In 2014, there where 41.8 million Americans that have lived or is living in now insecure food households and there are 795 million people in the world that do not have a secure amount of food that lead to a healthy life. Miranda's mom sent Jhonny to a baseball camp that provided food for him. So this helped Jhonny receive plenty food and also enjoy his time there before the world ends. But, This problem is not just a fictitious problem in the book it is a issue all around the world. But in the chapter, Miranda's dad has stepped in and provided a very large amount of food just like how in the real world, we have created fundraisers or organizations to help the hungry. If this happen (The world ending) in my lifetime, it would be very difficult. Me and my family would have to cut down on the amount of food we eat each day. Like how Miranda and her family did. Her mother suggested they skip one of there meals each day and cut down to one a day. If this did happen it would be very beneficial to do that.   

The End

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