a break through

this went public and...nothing.i don't know why but ...i knew someone was not coming forward.i finished my coffee,got my coat on and ran out of the station,i wasn't suppose to be out of the station,i needed to look around the barn again .

i walked up towards the barn checking everything for evidence . i neared the inside of the barn and i saw something;just something small,shining in my torch light. quickly i ran over to a corner,shrouded by bushes . i put a plastic evidence bag around my hand and picked it up . it was the knife that murdered the man. i ran to my car as fast as i could ; this could be it this could be the break, we've been looking for!

when i got back to the station i ran strait down to forensics to get it checked . i had to wait all the night to find out who's finger prints were on it,and what sort of knife it was , but i could wait that long .


The End

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