still no aswers

right everyone we are going to let this go public , since none of us have found any thing particular we need to find out about people in the village , and what motives they could of had.i spoke loudly but calm.i got my coat on and walked at a slight pace,my partner right besides me.who are we going to see first?asked Richard Junes,my partner was a top detective.well i say how about number 1;and record it if they're not in okay i replied.

as we walked up number 1s garden path i knocked on the door.nobody answered.i gave a nod to my partner and we took a look around,it seemed to be deserted but didn't look like they left in a hurry . this murder was getting harder and harder .

next we knocked on number 2 luckily some one was in . D.I. hailey blake i said. we asked a few questions about the murder and the house next door. the little old lady seemed nice but was quite suspicous .

we got back to the station and i sat down nothing , it didn't make sense .

The End

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