a murder has appeared,and no one knows anything about it,whats going to happen will the mystery be solved?

i peered over the body that lay in front of me,and wondered why people do these things. the barn was cold and the wind blew hard. right lets get this back to the station i shouted. i walked away at a quickening pace this was serious murder here,and the weight of it was resting on my hands. check for the forensics,as soon as you know who it is contact the family; no 1 let it out to the press right away , until i give the word, i called to other police officers around me.

i thought so hard at the station as my coffee was getting cold . why was the body slit at the legs and the young man didn't seem to put up a fight . hmm this was a tough case .i sat there in wait for something questioning myself at any oppertunity .

the young man was : black,dark haired,small 5 foot 6 about . but the weird thing is he doesn't have any recorded past.

The End

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