I rounded the corner thinking that if ever was the right time to do something about this, it was now. I was sick of taking everything as if it were my fault –I was passive and didn’t want to start an argument, ever. Every time something new happened, however, I took it and deposited it in the little box in the back of my mind that was reserved for all these occurrences. Never once had I stood up for herself and made my side of the story known. This girl, this hypocrite, was always in the right, no matter what the situation was. It may have been just a testy morning for the both of us, but it seemed to be happening more and more lately.

Maybe Brittany was acting up because she didn’t want our Mean Girls relationship to change. She was always Queen Bee, and I was always the submissive one. No matter the situation, she always won; just because that’s the way it had always gone. She didn’t know any different. She also didn’t know that I had years of pent up anger inside of me that was almost about to overflow. Now this isn’t to say we haven’t had our good times. Initially, that’s how it started. I needed someone to come in and change my oh-so-drab life, and that’s exactly what she did. She mixed it up like it had never been mixed before. But after years of dealing with her completely over-dramatic life, I was done. Until of course, I decided I needed that drama again, and gave in to have some sort of connection with the world. She was my only inlet to the world of girls, because of how bad I was at making friends. The two of us were worse than an on again, off again relationship. Because when times were good, they were really good, Like closer than sisters good. But when they were bad…they were bad to the point that I always considered cutting it off before I realized again that I needed her.

The End

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