Parting Ways

After a good hour of sparring, Taoin had decided it was time to be finished. Kumarrie tried to hide her annoyance by turning on her heel to the watch house to gather her belonging. Well, the few that she had. 

'Are you ready to set off? I'm thinking of heading West after the dragon.' He informed her, and Kumarrie's eyes lit up like lanterns and Taoin smiled a small smile as he walked into the room.

'But the previous evening you changed our topic of conversation quickly when we were on the subject of dragons!' Kumarrie frowned slightly. She was not disappointed with his decision, only confused. 

'Didn't we agree I, too, had business to attend to?' Taoin's eyebrow quirked upwards. 

'I do believe so, I shan't pry.' Kumarrie shrugged, she wasn't one to pester. They moved quickly, putting out their small fire and tossing the remains of the meal Kumarrie prepared into the wilderness for some scavenger to find. As they walked, Kumarrie hid her expression of discomfort very well. 

Taoin was getting closer to her, and she feared for his life. If he delved any deeper into Kumarrie's past, the Curse would surely put an end to him. Kumarrie caught herself... why would she fear for Taoin's life? He was simply a tool. A tool to get her back to her rightful place as Princess of the Mactoh tribe. 

The little woman shrugged off the unnecessary   

Kumarrie had a distinct feeling that the dragon from last night was the first she would have to slay. If that was what she needed to do. No one had explained to her the exact details of the curing of the curse. Maybe she was to free the dragon for that disgusting warlock's magic. 

'What was that dragon's name? I am assuming you know of it?' Kumarrie asked suddenly, her voice cutting through the silence like a knife. 

'His name is Haelkessa.' Taoin replied, looking at the young woman curiously, 'why? Do you, too, know of him?'

'No. I was hoping I'd recognise the name. The only name I know of that I am to slay, or free, is Randomhan.' Kumarrie sighed, running  a hand through her matted hair.

Taoin's eyes widened in surprise, 'you may have to wait a few decades before you try slaying Randomhan!' 


'Why? Why?' Taoin echoed in disbelief, 'he is one of the most powerful dragons to date. The greatest Earth Dragon of all the century.' Taoin seemed to be flaunting his knowledge. 

'I shall let you help me then,' Kumarrie told him stiffly. 

Taoin chuckled at Kumarrie's tight attitude. She didn't often accept or ask for help.  

Another few hours past with painful silence before Taoin declared the sun would set in an hour and that they should make camp.

'No.' Kumarrie replied sharply, 'we carry on through the night! We've made little progress!'

'And we shall make even less in the dark,' Taoin huffed ,'look, it's cold, snowing and your on the verge of getting a fever. Please, let us rest in this coppice for the night.'

Kumarrie and Taoin stared at eachother, both burning with irritation. Neither of them would give in for a long time.

The princess was well aware of this, so she turned around and carried on walking until she could no longer hear Taoin's angry yells for her to stop. 

The End

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