A Feeling of Unease

Taoin went to bed an hour or so after Kummarie. He had to admit that stew she made was a lot better than the stuff he had been making on his own. He had to thank her tomorrow when she was awake. Something was bothering him though she seemed refrained, and held something back. Some moments she seemed to be having fun, and acting naturally and then as soon as she notices that she straightens up as if she was hiding something. As if she couldn't afford to be friends with anyone, but what worried him more was this feeling that she acted like this so when the time came that she would turn. Yes Taoin knew eventually she would, and this could potentially kill him,  she would feel no remorse.

Taoin felt that was a horrible way to deal with it, because it wasn't a plan to prevent turning it was a plan that allowed it to happen. He turned onto his stomach, he wanted to change that, but had no Idea how except to continue just leaving her alone until he knew more. Shortly after thinking that over he fell asleep only to be awakened by her frantic talking while she slept. It was apparent she was having a nightmare, but he dared not wake her, so wasn't to happy about him this morning when he showed concern. Instead he got up and walked outside. The storm had subsided for the time being an in fact a clear starlight sky was all that was to be seen in the night sky. He smiled again as Kummarie settled down a bit. 

He decided to scale onto the roof of the watch house, which held a commanding view of the area around this mountain, and the ground was well lit because of the full moon. It was quite peaceful as Taoin laid back just gazing at the star filled sky, seeing the occasional shooting star. Then below the ridge he could see lot from a fire. Was someone following them?  Or was it coincidence? Was it even worthy of investigating at this hour? Taoin thought not if anyone were following them leaving Kumarrie vulnerable would be a bad idea.  However he would keep an eye until their presence disappeared.  There was also no point in telling Kummarie she would just end up making the unavoidable encounter happen even sooner, if it were the case of them being followed. He  pried his eyes away to look at the view again holding the hilt of his sword in his right and now sitting up. What exactly did Kummarie get herself into. What did he get himself into when he offered to help?

Taoin thought even if Kummarie told him what exactly was happening he would still help her. It was uncharacteristic of him to not help, and to let something horrible happen. It was why he gotten into so many fights when he was younger. It made him smile to think of those times when things looked pretty grim for a boy of nine years old, trying to stop the fighting of two warrior clans in the streets. He had to be thankful to his master had found him in time or he wouldn't be here now.  He stared off into the sky sinking back into his past smiling at the good memories he had.  The stars shifted in the sky when he felt a very heavy presence press him down onto the roof. On the other side of the valley a large mass was blocking out the stars.

"It can't be." He said pushing himself up, as he squinted. It was what he thought a dragon, a dragon he had met before, and it was flying West deeper into the mountains and away from the South Greatsburg. 

"Where are your running too Haelkessa!" He said with anger in his voice. The heavy presence left, leaving only a feel of Unease and anger as Taoin glared at the mountain tops that the dragon Silhouette disappeared behind.


Morning came far to soon for Taoin as light shone on his eyes, and Kummarie voice urging him to wake up. 

"Wake up your orange headed moron!" She yelled.

"Hey! I'm not a moron, and shut your face a about my hair! Your just jealous your hair isn't as awesome as mine is!" He yelled far to tired to throw out any good defence or insult.  She just laughed. 

"You should eat before your train me." She said.

"I'm not hungry, so we'll start now." Taoin Yawned getting up and strapping his sword to his back," We can't be too long, I saw a dragons silhouette lastni..."

"You saw a dragon last night! You know how impossible that sounds! Your not lying to me are you!" She yelled interrupting him.

"No I'm not!" He cut in with a louder voice," I'm sure you felt a heavy presence while you slept didn't you!" She paused nodding her head and holding her eye," It hurt last night as well didn't it?" He said trying to reignite the conversation. 

"That's none of your business." She shot back at him.

"Alright than, lets work on that move." Taoin said bringing a smile across his face.

It had been an hour since they started, and at first it was very frustrating to get Kummarie to get the twist right, but in the end she was getting it to a degree but needed add more force.

"Alright we'll do this later, We should get moving." Taoin stopping her sword in mid arc with his arm guard surprising and slightly startling her out of her concentration.

"Alright I will be ready in a few minute." She replied.


The End

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