'Naturally.' Taoin grinned, it was the first time he'd seen Kumarrie so pumped up. As she bit her lip with excitement, bobbing up and down with the anticipation of learning something that would be invaluable to her, a loud noise erupted from her stomach. 

Kumarrie's brows furrowed in humiliation. 

'But it seems we'll have to feed you beforehand.' Taoin snickered, his booming laugh echoed throughout the crooked house in which they were standing. Kumarrie folded her arms, furious that this fool was laughing at her.

'We needn't use the fire to cook the meat when we've that head of yours!' Kumarrie retorted grumpily. She didn't think that such a feeble joke would make Taoin snap like it did. The young man went into a hilarious spiral of fury, yelling things like, 'is it my fault that I was born this way? How can I help how I look?' or, 'you think it's real funny don't you? Just laughing at me secretly while I sleep! Your one to tease! Look at your hair! It's pink!' 

Kumarrie just stood in front of Taoin in a stunned silence, until she just couldn't hold back. 

Taoin stopped very suddenly as Kumarrie roared with laughter, clutching her aching sides. She had known he was a peculiar fellow, but she did not realise he would brighten up her life this much. The young princess had never, ever met a person like him! He was so interesting! 

Then it dawned on her, and Kumarrie's laughed ceased to exist, only the faint echoes that lasted two seconds after she stopped. The last time Kumarrie had laughed was when she had killed someone. 

Kumarrie coughed, embarrassed for her unorderly conduct. 'I'm sorry. I shall cook the food. My mother taught me how to cook goat and herb stew. Please go find me some wild rosemary.'  

Taoin's eye brow quirked up in surprise of Kumarrie's sudden change of attitude. But he asked no questions and left the house without a word as Kumarrie tore into the goats ribcage with her dagger - which she had produced from the leather garter, just below the hem of her clothing. 

She paid no mind to the fact her dear-skin suit was being splattered with blood and gore in an unelegant manner. As much as she was unwilling to admit it, Taoin understood her very well. Neary as well as Cabielle had done. But she would not get attached to him as it was most likely she would end up killing the man as  melancholy

She wiped her forehead and sliced up the goats fatty meat into her small, but effective cooking pot which she kept in her pouch. 

Taoin returned ten minutes later with some fresh rosemary.  And, thus, Kumarrie began cooking. Her hands moved skilfully as she prepared their food. 

'Tie my hair back,' Kumarrie barked the order at Taoin who straightened up and did as he was told, pulling Kumarrie's dark pink hair in a single tail that fell to her knee's with the leather strip of cloth she had handed him. 

He retreated back to his corner in the kitchen, and returned to watching Kumarrie with intelligent eyes. She knew he was taking in everything she was doing so he would be able to cook food for himself when they parted ways. 

She sat back as the stew boiled above the fire. 

Taoin watched her silently, his eyes boring into her, willing her to tell him everything about her quest. But Kumarrie knew better than to spill her secrets. 

'You can teach me the attacking move tomorrow, once I've regained my strength. I'm no longer hungry. Feel free to eat the stew yourself. I'm retiring for the evening. Good night.' Kumarrie said, cutting each sentence short as she said them. 

'Oh... Um, yeah. Thanks.' Taoin nodded, smiling not unkindly at her when she sat in the opposite corner, dragging her cloak over herself, shutting her eyes. 

And she once again, dropped herself into a world of nightmares so she would feel the guilt and regret for the murders she had committed. 

The End

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