The day so far  was rather uneventful for Taoin, and Kumarrie who had started they journey towards South Greatsburg. The six inches of snow did not make it any more pleasurable or fun. Still Taoin had a slight smile as he trudged through the barren and lonely landscape. It had been two hours since they had left camp, Taoin had told her much of dragons weakness's without having to retell much of the information. Which was hardly surprising for someone with her status. Still even the most famous of Dragonslayers from time to time had to reference a book or ask how a dragon defended its wing joint. Taoin had committed much of the weak points to memory but was still a bit blurry about defensive techniques.  After he had finished that cozy conversation up they talked very little. The wind was picking up blowing sharp blades of snow at their eyes.

Both dared not suggest to take a rest both quietly competing to see who could outlast the other. A battle of endurance that Taoin had already promised himself he wouldn't lose.  Still he wondered when would Kumarrie reach her limit in the snow, Taoin felt that she wouldn't give up until she would fall over. Taoin would intervene so he could spar with her, and evaluate her skills in combat even if it damaged his pride a little. It would be good to unwind in a friendly spar he though, he laughed a little. Something told him that Kummarie would not have it as friendly sparring session for long. As the sun began to sink into the West the two had arrived on the fringes of a mountain.

"Just up there should be an old watch house. Its been long abandoned but serves a great place to rest for the weary  traveller." Taoin said from the top of a boulder with now a foot of snow around his knees.

"Getting tired already?" She asked from behind Taoin. Taoin Grinned.

"You wish." He replied leaving it at that.  The terrain got steeper toward the watch house, and to add to the challenge of reaching the watch house the loose rock underneath the snow had became very icy. The two slipped and scrambled for an hour till they reached the watchtower. Which had been made from stone, on the outside it looked like it was in very good condition. The inside the wooden floors above had rotted away leaving a tall ceiling with a few lonely looking windows. It was however quite and remarkably warm for something as empty and uncared for as it was. 

"How do you know of so many places, you cannot be much older than me, but yet it seems like you know much of this land." Kummarie asked him as put his bag down in a corner of the the house. 

"I spent much of my life travelling. I only have one place that I would call home, but my master and I spent a majority of our time travelling but always returnin to that one place." Taoin responed expecting Kummarie to inquirer to where that place was but she did not. Taoin lowered his sword leaving it by his things, but still carried his bow.

"Rest here for a bit, I saw some mountain goat tracks as we scrambled up here. I think they will make a nice dinner." He said, Kummarie nodded but gave him a strange glare as if she thought that Taoin had thought her weak for not inviting her. Which was not the case, it was just easier to hunt without alone, and it wasn't like she couldn't look for her own food.


Taoin returned proudly shouldering a mountain goat on his shoulder, blood had frozen near a wound inflicted on its neck. To wich Taoin thought was a good shot if he said so himself. Kummarie had already started a fire to the side of the building, she leaned against the wall looking bored. Taoin dropped the carcass by the fire, with a grin.

" I hope you're ready, because i'm going to spar with you whether your ready or not." He said placing cleaning a grate with a semi clean cloth. Placing the grate over top of the fire, while placing some meat on it. Kummarie let out a small smile once he had finished, and jumped back. Taoin responded by rolling back toward his great sword. She charged forward slashing at him. Her movements were precise and almost flawless. Taoin managed to dodge not nearly as graceful as his attacker but still held a cocky grin as he danced out of the way of her blade again, and grabbing his own weapon, blocking quickly as she slashed a third time.

"Your good." He said pushing her back, and aggressively slicing downward forcing her to jump back giving him a good distance to talk a little more," Your attacks are flawless, and leave little opening for an opposing swordsmen. Even if you opponent is stronger than you because of muscle mass and similar skill level you would win. You smaller, and agile, with quick attacks flawless attacks. However you lack in power." He said twisting his blade as she circled around, and darted toward him as if she found an opening. Taoin intercepted her blade untwisting her blade repelling the attack as she came off balanced as her sword went over her head.

"Good try you noticed, that I have a habit of putting more from my right side as my left lags. A general flaw in most swordsmen." Kummarie grunted as she regained her composure.

"Are you just going loudly analyze my techniques, and defend off my strikes?"She said in annoyance.

"Sorry." He smiled darting forwards stepping to the left, and slashing from below.

She had blocked quickly but was unable to stop the momentum, and jumped away as his sword arced upwards. Taoin walked slowly holding his left arm out as he put his sword arm back so the tip would near his left arm. Kummarie readied herself raising her sword up defensively. Taoin side stepped to the right quickly before taking a step forward she followed him. He side stepped again and span around. The two blade hit with such a force sparks emitted from the two blades as the slid across each other. Kummarie was sliding backwards as Taoin pressed forwards proving his point that she lacked power in her attacks.  He twisted the blade upwards once again getting her off balanced, he quickly sliced downwards this time, she jumped backwards and slide her left hand dragging across the ground.

"Good one, I have to admit I underestimated you I wasn't to sure you would make it." He said with some truth but also trying to see if he could get her a little angry.  She charged forwards darting back and forth.

Taoin took a step back trying to read her movements, he brought the tip of his sword down as he went for his right side. This attack had more force then the last one, forcing Taoin to press his hand against the flat of his blade just to hold it there under the pressure. He smiled jumping backward, giving her a chance to slice at him again, the tip of her blade just missed the tip of his nose this time. Now he was on the defensive again. A series of attacks came at him with more strength, but they had lost their precisness. He sidestepped again and got his blade behind Kumarries as she sliced down at him. He shot her blade towards the ground and did that strange twist again forcing her to let go of the blade. He had the point of his blade inches away from her cheek.

"Your very good, better than most swordsmen I have encountered. But Dragons aren't swordsmen. So when you attack them, you attack with all the strength you can muster. Because what may cut a man won't even put a dent in dragon scales." Taoin said sheathing the blade and placing it back in the corner.

"What was that strange twisting motion you did?" She asked," I don't understand how it generates the strength it did."

Taoin smiled," Its easy to do but not easy to get the results." He held out his arm and twisting his forearm and flicking it quickly," This is not a good swordsmanship technique it leaves the user vulnerable if the user is attacked with a strong attack from above, it will force the user to drop his sword if enough strength is applied, but at the same time if mastered it will throw your opponent off balance, and in the case of fighting a dragon, it will dig under the scales, and cut them deeply."

"Teach me how!" She said eagerly.

The End

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