Brother, Mine.

As Taoin turned his back to Kumarrie, her heart lifted. The resemblance between Taoin and the princess’s brother, Cabielle, was striking. She pondered over why she never noticed this before, or why she had failed to think of her Cabielle when she saw Taoin's flaming orange hair.

Kumarrie gave a start when Taoin suddenly grunted, 'Blah! Why am I thinking so far ahead?' 

She wondered what on earth he was thinking about in that insane head of his. Kumarrie had never seen anything like Taoin before, his straightforwardness made her feel a little out of her depth. He had promised her training and knowledge without a second thought when Kumarrie had demanded it; yet he asked for nothing in return. 

Kumarrie had not predicted this man to be a selfless person, but the more she thought about it, the more he seemed to be so.

The tiny women shook her head violently. She would not get through this by letting someone else do all of the dirty work for her. Taoin was simply something which would be of use to her. He was never to be thought of as someone; only something.

Closing her eyes once more, Kumarrie fell into her slumbers. 

'Princess! Oh Goddess! Princess! Your eye! Your eye!' Villagers screamed out. Pointing with fear, worry and disgust. These mixed feelings reached Kumarrie and she looked up and around, no one was helping her. Why was no one helping her? 

She put a hand to the searing pain on the left eye, when she removed her quivering fingers, they were dripping with a crude, sticky black liquid. She was sure that she should have been bleeding. She looked down the dirty ground, expecting to see crimson on it everywhere. All Kumarrie saw was a pool of the same substance which was being emitted from her eye. 

'Kumarrie! Oh no! Please no! Kumarrie!' A torn voice screamed out, cracking on the last syllable. 

'Cab...ielle...' The pathetic princess whispered, 'what is going on...?' 

'No... dearest sister...' The elder brother sobbed in his sisters blackened chest, clutching at her shoulders. 

'Brother? Brother?' Kumarrie said a little louder, waking up. She was so suddenly away of what was going on and fear engulfed her entire self. Kumarrie started to shake as the bile rose in her throat. She pushed her brother away as she vomited blood onto the floor. 

'Oh Goddess...' Cabielle choked, brushing back his sisters fuscha hair out of her face. 

'She has to leave.' A loud voice snarled from above.


'She is going to kill us all! Kumarrie, my dear, you must complete the Four Dragon Quest.' 

Kumarrie's heart sank along with the forlorn gasp of her mother and brother. She was only nineteen, but she knew what the quest was and she now knew what had happened to her. . . 

'Cabielle...' Kumarrie sighed, a single tear trailed down her cheek. 

'Nope. Just Taoin. Why you crying?' Kumarrie opened her eyes to see a large figure looming over her. She snapped into her normal self and threw him away from her.

'Don't touch me!' Kumarrie hissed, standing up and brushing herself off. But this was a futile effort due to the fact that the icy-cold snow had already sunk through to her skin. 

'Sorry,' Taoin shrugged, holding out a hand for her. She hauled herself up with it and looked around. The ruins, which was once their safe haven, was now clogged with six inches of snow. 

Kumarrie was glad she had very large boots, for this was going to be a long and tedious journey. 

The End

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