"If you try anything fun, I will find you, and kill you." Kummarie said fiercely. Taoin gave a light laugh imagining how is old comrades would have reacted had someone said that to him. Kummarie gave him a questioning glare. 

"I give you my word I will not do anything." He seriously rolling at his bed mat, and putting his cloak over his body, no more words would be shared this night.

Still Taoin had much thinking to do, it had been almost ten years since he had parted ways with his master, and five years since ... he shook forcing  his mind go there...But any rate its been a while since he was taught or taught anything to anyone. He faced away from Kummarie who was still leaning on the ruins, with her eyes closed.  They were many things to know about dragons weakness's, but those weakness's were hard to exploit because dragons had years to find ways to defend those weakness's.  They were fairly vulnerable near their belly, their eyes were also very weak, but a very small and well defended target. Also many dragon slayers lost their lives because dragon's tails were almost like a second creature, and can strike quickly with no warning. Different types of dragons had different ways of attacking, fire dragons preferred to stay on ground then fly to cause more damage with their breath, where Frost dragons preferred to attack from air were their icy breath had far more spread and a larger area of affect.

That's why most dragon slayers specialized in one type of dragon and teamed up with others. Taoin tried his best not specialize but it soon became apparent that he was far more effective at killing dragons who preferred attacking from the ground. However he managed to pick up a spell or two that would aid him with dragons who took flight. He was pretty handy with a bow, still he was weaker in that area then any other.  Well if he would attempt at any training a good place to start would be to evaluate her skills, then teach her about dragons weak points, and the ways they made up for them.

But how much time would he spend training her with a a frost dragon so near? Especially if it was the one he was searching for? He then started wondering about that curse of hers. People who sided with or understood dragons were very,very rare, but never did he hear of someone who had the ability to connect with dragons, ever. Much of Taoins life was learning Dragon lore, why would his master skip over something such as this? Taoin concluded that if managed to catch up to the frost dragon and defeat it, he would make the journey back to his home village Kadanaar, and speak to his master if he was still alive. If not search through his private library. Also going there would be an excellent place to accelerate Kumarrie's training. Not to mention completely isolated from the outside world.

"Blah why am I think this far ahead?" He said out loud turning to look at the night sky which was much calmer now. Above his head the clouds cleared just enough for a star to shine through. Taoin would never describe himself as a superstitious man but he smiled at what appeared to be a good omen.

The End

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