The Curse

Kumarrie was not too pleased about Toain's comment on her lacking skill in the dragon slaying area. It was not a lie that she knew nothing of dragons, but surely killing one would be simple? "Aim for the eyes." Was what her brother had whispered in her ear as she left the village in the dead of night.

'I have slain a mountain troll once.' Kumarrie informed him in a ticked off tone. 

'Try thirty times larger than a mountain troll.' Toain grunted as he pulled some lavender bread from his pocket. The scent wafted into Kumarrie's face with the strong wind and she sighed. Her mother used to create the most wonderful lavender bread. The delicate aroma almost made tears form in Kumarrie's eyes, but she swallowed down the lump  in her throat. 

It was true, earlier she had wanted to weep until she exhausted 

'Would you care for some?' Toain asked her, her eyes flicked up. She didn't know if he'd purposefully changed the subject away from dragons, but either way, she was glad.  

'Please.' Kumarrie said weakly, 'I must admit, I have been living off rabbit and spring water of recent times.' She explained as she took delicious, small bites of her share - savouring the taste. 

'Why?' Taoin asked curiously.

Kumarrie coughed, 'I'd rather not go into the details of my cursed fate.' 

'Your story is your own.' Toain shrugged, questions still glinting in his intelligent eyes. He looked out onto the horizon, Kumarrie felt a little guilty that he had told her of his life and she was unwilling to share her own. 

'A disgusting man who has the power to connect to dragons minds cast a curse onto my eye.'  Kumarrie mumbled through a mouthful of lavender bread.

Taoin looked at her in surprise as she lifted up the eye patch on her leather head piece. Kumarrie looked away shamefully, expecting the man to recoil in horror. But when she looked back to his face, there was no disgust on his face, but pity. He pitied the monster inside of her. 

Her onyx black eye blinked, the golden pupil retracting in the light. The gnarled branch-like tattoo reflected diagonally from the top right hand corner of her eye, down to the bottom left. Kumarrie met his gaze, using her normal eye to bore right into his mind, determined to see if he was disgusted by her. He was not.

'It hurts, does it not?' He asked quietly. 

'At times.' Kumarrie replied curtly. 

'I see. Does it ever take affect on your fighting ability?'

'At times.' She repeated.

'I have never seen anything like it.' Taoin thought aloud, 'I do not understand how something filled with so much malice takes no toll on your personality or body control.' 

'Strictly speaking, that is not true.' Kumarrie sighed wistfully, 'when I'm around too many people it spreads, corrupting my heart. I killed an entire city when I first ventured out on my quest.' 

'A city?' Taoin echoed, 'wow.'

'I killed children. Women. Elderly. I'm a disgrace to my tribe.' She spat, feeling dirty. 

'That is not your fault.' 

'None of them would have died if I had been stronger.' Kumarrie grunted rubbing her palms together as the first snowflakes hit her bare shoulders. She wrapped her cloak around them. 

'That's why you should travel with me.' Taoin pressed, 'you can not only learn about dragon slaying, but I would be more than happy to help you become stronger.' 

Kumarrie stared at the stranger with narrowed eyes, 'I have known you for little over an hour. How do I know you will not kill me whilst I sleep?'

'I way look like I would. But I give you my word. I've been needing a sparring partner for a while now!' 

'I'll sleep on it.' Kumarrie told him sleepily, she leaned up against one of the ruins next to their small fire and closed her eyes.

'If you try anything funny I will find you, and slit your throat.' 

The End

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