Taoin Decloak

"Well then, it seems we have more in common then you think!" Taoin said in a little over friendly manor.

"How so?" She said miserably setting up a shelter in the ruins as a large gust of wind blew something big against the ruins.

Taoin fiddled with the hilt of his Greatsword Finally unsheathing it, showing the mark of the dragon slayers that it bared on the middle of the hilt," I am one of the few remaining dragon slayers of this age.

"That either makes you a coward or a fool."She said not that impressed.

"I am neither." Taoin shot back, slightly angered by that comment, but none of the less let it rest," You know I have reason to believe the blizzard in south Greatsburg may be because of a frost dragon , that I have been tracking in the recent months.

She shot a careful glance trying not to catch my eye, "I find it hard to believe even a single dragon can have this much affect on the weather here."

"You of all people should know dragons are very magical creatures if nothing else. If angered or pestered enough a dragon can have an effect on the weather, even if its minor." Taoin replied starting up a small fire in a sheltered corner, with the few dry sticks he managed to gather. He invited Kumarrie over," I'm sorry if I seem eager, I have hardly anyone to talk to in these days. Some see me as a no good vagabond, I can't exactly say that I haven't helped myself out much with that description but I assure you, am not a not a no good Vagabond."

"Well for one I have never heard of an orange headed dragon slayer. Usually Dragon slayers have a great reputations so your description of vagabond to me isn't far off the mark." She said in what Taoin understood  as joking manner, and laughed a gentle laugh.

"Perhaps he muttered. There are not many Dragons anymore at least ones that people will appreciate their removal, and if there any dragons that still terrorize towns, and cities, they are very strong, and many are to cowardly to fight them. Its a dying trade." He said sullenly.

The two sat quietly for a long time listening to the howling wind, and taking solace in the fire that Taoin created. There wasn't much for the new Acquaintances to talk about, both had no desire to reveal their pasts. Ni ether had much in common, Kumarrie a born leader, and upcoming Queen of her tribe, and Taoin who knew he was es saintly a nobody, who had been abandoned by his parents at a young age. someone who could be described as a common fighter. The silence pressed on longer until Taoin asked.

"Do you want to Accompany me to Southern Greatsburg? I can teach you a thing or two about killing a dragon on the way." He smiled,"Because honestly I don't think you would last very long on your own, even with the skill you showed earlier with that blade of yours."

The End

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