Quest of Four Dragons

Kumarrie sat on the edge of a large chunk of limestone, she looked down at her bare thighs. She felt the need to cry, but Kumarrie knew that tears only slowed one down. That's what Father had told her, he was also the King who banished her from the tribe in which she was to claim the title of Queen. 

'Dammit.' The young princess hissed, kicking some rocks away with her boots. She was angry, but who wouldn't be. Having a curse was such a hindrance; she couldn't go through towns or cities. Even tiny hamelts were out of bounds for her! 

Sighing and pulling her cloaks hood down, she squinted to look around the ruins which would be her place of rest for the next two nights. The wind was reaching gale force that high up in the highlands and the ruins, as battered by the elements as they were, would bear protection in some shape or form from the blasts of cold air.

Kumarrie jumped up, her tiny body flailing backwards in the icy gusts. A pair of large hands appeared from nowhere, catching her around her waist. The hands were that of a man and Kumarrie, was a very tiny women. The strangers fingers could reach each other around the minature waist of hers. She used her size as a decoy to distract the stranger who caught her. 

Flipping around with the agility of a cat, she unsheathed a huge sword from the belt which was slung around her hips, placing it underneath the man's chin. He stared at her with a smirk on his face. His flaming orange hair danced around his face in the wind. 

Kumarrie narrowed her eyes and clacked her tongue, he was big. Very big. Tall and muscular. It's not that Kumarrie thought she could not take on such an opponent, it was more the fact that the elements were not in her body's favour that day. 

Plus, his sword match hers in size, and she was quite sure with those biceps against her own... she'd have some trouble.

'Easy tiger.' He chuckled, 'I merely tried to prevent you from splitting your head in two.' 

'And I thank you for that.' Kumarrie replied smoothly, swinging her sword around; shoving it back into it's rightful place. 

'What's such a tiny lady doing this high up in the highlands?' He asked, eyebrows raised high.

Kumarrie pursed her lips, 'I do not wish to share my story with a stranger. But I am more than happy to share this bountiful place of protection with you if needs be.' 

She was being polite, as much as she disliked to do so.

'I might take you up on that offer, apparently in Southern Greatsburg there is a blizzard. So I suggest you make a rather warm camp pretty damn quickly.'

'Hmhm.' Kumarrie nodded, 'what's your name?' 

'Toain. Toain Decloak.' He thrust his hand towards her.

'Kumarrie of the Mactoh Tribe.' She shook it.

Toain's mouth popped into an O shape as he looked at her leather eye piece. 

'Are the rumours true then? About that eye of yours?' 

'Regrettably so.' Kumarrie nodded sadly. 

'Well then, it seems we have more in common then you think!'

The End

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