Chapter Twenty-Eight

The boat ride to Dragons Tooth Island was about three hours.

Blaze obviously had a weakness for the ocean, as he had thrown up twice on the journey.

The beach was grey and dull, much like the clouds that had seemed to have formed out of nowhere.

Daggerfork stepped out of the boat first.

“Righ’ I’ve been ‘ere an ‘undred times, so stick wi’ me an’ ill ave ya at the bridge within the hour, got it?”

The team nodded, and began to follow Daggerfork into the thick bushy forest, towards the mountain… towards Keragg.

The trek through the forest was long, and dangerous.

“Watch out,” Flora said, “There are Chameleon Snakes everywhere,”

Blaze chuckled.

“Ooh,” He sniggered, “How do you know that? Read it in a book?”

Flora chuckled back.

“No, there’s one on your shoulder,”

Blaze looked to his left shoulder, and to his horror saw the five-foot long creature hissing at him.

He screamed.

But Zedia was wound up tight, so his reflexes forced him to spin round and scream:


The black beam of shadowed light swirled out, and struck the creature and skimmed Blaze’s robe.

The snake fell to the floor in a crumpled swirl of, what was basically, skin.

“Careful!” Blaze cried, “You could’ve taken my head off!”

Zedia swung round again, this time with a snarling look on his face.

“Listen! I’m about to take on a sixty foot tall dragon, so I’m a bit wound up!”

“Zedia,” Flora said quietly, “We are about to take Keragg on… you’re not alone,”

Zedia dipped his head and sighed heavily.

“Thanks,” Zedia said, but a massive roar and a rumble interrupted him.

“We’re getting’ close, get ready,”

There was another roar and rumble, and a flash of fiery light seeped through the trees.

“The gates through here,” Daggerfork looked at Zedia, “ Now, I ave a Dwarfstone that’ll take me t’ Dwarfendra, I’ll take Shail ‘n wait Fe’ ye’ there, okay?”

Everyone nodded and Flora passed Shail to Daggerfork.

The Dwarfstone was black in colour with a strange red mark running down the middle of it.

He rubbed it twice, like a magic lamp and whispered something quietly.

“Good luck,” He said, and disappeared.

Zedia, Blaze and Flora each exchanged looks and nodded.

Blaze pushed the leaves out the way and the four entered into a clearing,

There was a massive boulder in the middle of it.

There was a deathly silence, which was broken by a quiet moan.

Zedia looking around, and was horrified by what he saw.

Lying by the boulder, hidden in the tall green grass… was a body.

Flora retched, and Blaze stepped back in shock.

Zedia began to move closer, but even when he was less than twenty foot away, he knew what was coming.

“Tai’tam…” He whispered.

“Zedia…” Tai’tam replied, with drips of blood flowing from his nose and mouth.

His armour was torn and burnt, and his nose was bent in an awkward shape.

His left leg was twisted sideways

There was a deep, moving silence until he moved his mouth into a look of pain, and took his last breath.

Zedia moved his hand silently and pushed Tai’tam’s eyes closed.

Suddenly the silence was broke by loud, slow clapping.

“Bravo,” A deep voice spoke, “What a performance…”

Sladen stepped out from behind the boulder, his white hair stiff as a board, his neon black eyes glinting off what little light that came through the thick foliage.

He was wearing an evil smile.

“Nice to meet you, im Sladen Vladek,”

Zedia threw himself up, Sladen had already put them through so much… if he let him go now he could torture them for so much longer…

“Destructamus!” Zedia yelled.

“Protectamus!” Sladen yelled back.

A magical shield that originated from the tip of a grinning Sladen’s staff deflected the black beam emanating from Zedia’s staff.

Both spells burnt fiercely, until they both fizzled out.

“Listen,” Sladen said, “We could stand here for all eternity throwing spells at each other, or I could just let my dear old pet finish you off,”

Sladen chuckled, and called something in a language that Zedia couldn’t understand.

The ground started to tremor, and Aidez flew behind Zedia.

‘She’s coming’ He muttered ‘The Guardian of the Bridge, Keragg!’

Then out of nowhere, two massive black wings and a head appeared, followed by a massive scaly, black body.

The head was pointed, with horns that had grown out of shape. A tail soon appeared. It had four rings on the end of it and it was as dark as the rest of the behemoths body.

“Zakko’ra,” Blaze mumbled under stifled breath.

Sladen smiled and said, “Must dash, Transportus Exportus!”

Within a second he was gone, and Zedia, Blaze and Flora were left with a big problem, Keragg.

“Well, any ideas?” Blaze joked to himself quietly.

Keragg, gave a loud roar, and bashed her tail on the soft mud, sending chunks of rock flying everywhere.

“Zherth karakh otara!” The beast screamed, and swung its tail again, this time in Zedia’s direction.



The End

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