Chapter Twenty-Seven


The silk robes were warm, and didn’t rub.

They hung down to the shins, and were held together at the waist by a chain
belt. Each belt had an emblem on its centre:



Zedia’s emblem was shaped like a crude eye, with a line running through it. Blaze’s was shaped like a flame while Flora’s resembled a branch.

“Now… if you’re comfortable in your robes, it is time for ‘The Placement of the Staffs,” Zerlin said.

Zerlin stepped back, and held out his arms.

He clapped them together and a black box appeared in his hands. It was almost oblong in shape and had a golden lock keeping it shut.

Zerlin opened the box to reveal the three staffs that they had seen in The Weaponry.

Blaze grabbed the red one that he had held before, while Flora took the purple one.

Zedia picked up the remaining green one.

“As I think you already know, these staffs can morph into swords.

“Yeah, we know,”

Zedia said, looking at Blaze.

“Come on then,” Zedia said, walking towards the door.

“Why walk? If Sladen wants to hurry things up, then so will we!”

Zerlin threw up his arms and shouted:

“Transportus Exportus!”

Zedia felt himself being lifted off the ground, and began to spin violently. But he suddenly felt the ground beneath him again, he landed heavily, and suddenly realised he was outside, and by the ocean.




“No matter how many times I do that, it’s still a rough ride,” Zerlin said getting up and brushing himself off.

Zedia, Flora, Blaze and Daggerfork all did the same.

“Where’s Shail?” Flora cried.

“Ah, sorry, hang on: Transportus Importus!”

Shail suddenly appeared in Flora’s arms, which seemed to have become it’s home.

“Thank you,” She said, kissing the creature on its forehead.

Zedia realised that they were at Hakroth port, at the foot of the massive hill.

         There was a grubby man tying the rope of a boat to a post.

He turned round and shook Zerlin’s hand.

“Usual destination?” He asked, his voice was dry and coarse, Zedia realised the reason for this as the man lit up a cigarette.

“Yes Hathannius,” Zerlin said, handing the man a satchel load of Khandras.

The man ushered them onto the very unsteady looking boat, but they obeyed him and each stepped onto it.

Zerlin walked over to the boat and knelt down beside it.

“Right, when you’re in Dwarfendra you need to find my brother, Xandra, he should be at Dwarfendra Fort, okay,”

Everyone nodded, although Blaze wasn’t sure whether they’d make it past Keragg, but he didn’t want to crush anyone’s spirit, so he kept his mouth closed.

“Now there’s only one thing to say… Good luck,”

Zerlin said, holding out his open palm.

Zedia shook it, and Hathannius untied the rope.

 The boat drifted off, and it was soon being carried by the waves.

Zerlin waved one last time and turned back, in an instant he was gone.

Zedia looked forwards, and saw the island in the distance.


The End

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