Chapter Twenty-Six

Halfway down to the Hall, Zedia realised that he was still wearing his pyjamas. He was worried until he saw that Blaze and Flora hadn’t gotten dressed either. Only Daggerfork was dressed, in the same armour as yesterday.

The Gnome pointed to the seat next to Blaze’s.

“Zed! Did you hear their voices,” Blaze chuckled, he was obviously talking about the Gnomes.

Their voices were extremely funny, but Zedia ignored him.

A Gnome entered from the large entrance. This one was dressed differently from the others.

He was wearing bronze armour, and was holding a shield in one hand and a small short sword in the other. He had a long red cloak hanging off his back.

“Presenting,” This Gnome’s voice was deep, “Zerlin, the first generation!”

Zerlin entered the room; he was wearing the same cloak as yesterday.

“Thank you, Henderguard, you are dismissed,” Zerlin waved his hand, and the grumbling Gnome waddled away.

“Before we start, we must have breakfast,” Zerlin said, and clapped his hands.

“Breakfast is served,”

A dozen Gnomes came pouring into the room, each carrying a tray of exotic fruit and bread.

The Gnomes placed the trays on the centre of the table, they of course had to climb on the empty chairs and onto the table to place them there.

“Thank you, my Gnomes… okay everybody dig in,”

The delicious food felt amazing on Zedia’s stomach, and even Flora seemed to be coming out of her shell, ever since they had arrived in this part of the world, she had barely said anything. Shail slept peacefully next to her on the table, Aidez seemed almost jealous.

When everyone had finished their meals, Zerlin finally took his seat.

“Right, lets get down to business, eh?” Zerlin chuckled, “This Vladek, seems to be a bit more… creative than the others,”

Daggerfork looked at him, his eyes were filled with sleep.

“How d’ya mean?”

Zedia realised that Daggerfork had broken his own rule, only speak to Zerlin when he speaks to you.

But Zerlin didn’t seem to mind and kept on talking.

“Well, you would think that Sladen would want to lessen the number of people fighting against him, but it looks like he wants to increase it,”

Before anybody could ask the question, Zerlin had already answered it.

“For a start, he’s included you Daggerfork,”

Daggerfork nodded, and let Zerlin continue.

“And secondly, he somehow influenced you Zedia, to accidentally summon a permanent Daemon,”

“But what can Aidez do, he’s tiny,” Zedia said.

“For now, Zedia, but he’ll grow, and I think that Sphinx over ther has something to hide as well,”

Shail purred as she was mentioned.

“But that doesn’t matter, from what I can ‘deduce’ having more members in the defence is helpful,”

Zerlin got up, and walked around the room.

“Now, I will not tell you your entire mission, but I will tell you that you must reach a destination to know your mission,”
Blaze sat up.

“Here we go, adventure!” Blaze had perked up as well.

“You must reach Dwarfendra, the Dwarf capital, Daggerfork, you’re going home,”

Daggerfork mumbled and looked away.

Zedia got up, and walked up to Zerlin.

He moved close to his face.

“What’s the catch?”

Zerlin sighed, and said, “Follow me,”

 Zerlin took them to the room where they had first met.

He walked over to the massive window and ushered them to look into the distance.

That’s when Zedia saw it, the massive beast hanging of the mountain top.

It’s giant black wings waving around.

Its tail was thundering about, destroying everything it came into contact with.

“A dragon! You want us to fight a dragon?” Zedia shouted.

Zerlin’s eyes narrowed.

“Not fight the dragon… defeat the dragon!”

Zedia realised what was going on.

“This is Keragg! This is who you sent Tai’tam to fight,”

Zerlin walked towards the window, Blaze and Flora had decided not to get involved in the argument.

“Tai’tam and thousands of other soldiers, they had no chance against her, I know that now… but not then, at that point it seemed like my only option, just like you are now,”
Blaze stepped forward, he’d had enough.

“So now you want to send us to our deaths!” he cried. His crimson strand of hair fell over his eyes.

“No, I’m sending you to your victory!”

Blaze calmed down and stepped back, willing to listen.

“We’ve tried helping her, but Sladen’s hold is to strong, our only option is to- put her to sleep…” Zerlin said.

Zedia, looked out the window again.

“Why is she there?” Zedia asked.

“Pardon?” Zerlin replied.

“Keragg, why is she there,”

it was Daggerfork’s turn.

“Hundreds of years ago, the only way to get to Dwarfendra from here was to row, but soon the water around it became too dangerous to cross… so we built a portal bridge crossing from Dragons Tooth Island, to Dwarfendra. But soon, bandits discovered it, and started to smuggle stolen goods between the two cities,”

Zerlin continued,

“So we guarded it, with Keragg, but now Sladen has control, and if she gets through to Dwarfendra, she’ll cause major havoc!”

“So, we need to destroy Keragg and get to Dwarfendra,” Zedia sounded as if he had accepted it, “Let’s go then,”

Zerlin was surprised, normally the Wizards would put off the quest for months, but he didn’t complain, he simply said,

“Your robes are next door, along with your staffs… it’s time to suit up,"


The End

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