Chapter Twenty-Five

“Daggerfork, how the devil are you?” Zerlin cried happily, as soon as they entered the room.

“I be fine, Master,” Daggerfork replied, and stepped back so Zedia, Flora, Blaze and Aidez came into full view.

“Ah, the fourth generation, bit small aren’t you?” Zerlin said.

Blaze frowned.

“We are only fourteen,” Blaze said angrily.

Daggerfork looked at him sternly, he had ignored his instructions.

“I guess you’re right. This Vladek obviously is too impatient to wait for the prophecy to let him start his take over,”

Zedia stepped forward.

“That’s why we have to start the defence early too,”

Zedia was surprised with himself, less than a few hours ago he was running to school because he was late. Now he was talking like a warrior.

“Yes, that’s correct. But from what I’ve heard, you have had a very active day… and from what I can see, you’ve had a very dirty day,” Zerlin ran his eyes over their torn school blazers.

“We have showers and beds for you, stay here for tonight and we’ll talk tomorrow, Daggerfork, we also have a bed for you,”

Daggerfork bowed, and out of instinct the other three followed.

“Gnomes!” Zerlin called, which was followed by the massive door opening and five little creatures entering through it.

From a distance they looked like goblins, but at closer view Zedia realised that they were Gnomes.

Each one of them were dressed exactly the same. They had tall red pointy hats, blue shirts covered by red dungarees. They also wore yellow spotted shorts.

Each member of the team was greeted by one, and then pulled by the trouser legs out of the room.

Zedia took one last look at the old wizard, who was staring out the window, and let himself be pulled away.




The hot running water felt extremely good on Zedia’s skin.

This reminded him of that morning, where he had to miss his shower.

He felt all the mud and soil sliding off of him.

He got out, and was aware of Aidez looking at him.

“Look away,” He told him.

‘Sorry master’ Aidez said and twisted around.

When he returned to his room, he found a pair of sewn pyjamas.

He dried himself off with the towel and slipped on the pair of trousers.

The air was hot, so he left the top off.

He pulled the covers off and slipped himself under them.

Aidez settled on the pillow next to him.

He lay his head on the pillow and felt all of his troubles just lifting off him, and before he knew it, he was fast asleep,




As Zedia’s eyes drifted open, he forgot where he was. He expected to feel the cold tiles of his bedroom floor, but instead he felt the warm feeling of the woven wolf skin carpet.

He heaved himself up and walked toward the bedroom door, Aidez was reluctantly pulled off the pillow and was thrown towards Zedia.

‘No, five more minutes’ Aidez said but the strange magic magnetism kept pulling him.

Zedia opened the door, and was almost shocked to see the Gnome standing three foot below him.

“Master Zerlin wants to see you for breakfast,”

The Gnome’s voice was high pitched, and he talked very quickly.

Zedia sneered, but the Gnome ignored him and turned and waved in a ‘follow me’ motion.

Zedia slipped on a dressing gown and followed. 

The End

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