Chapter Twenty-Four

Tai’tam seemed very focused as he drove the sled round the bendy narrow streets of Hakroth.

Daggerfork got up out of his seat and moved over to the passenger seat next to Tai’tam.

“Why does Zerlin wan’ ‘t see me?”

Tai’tam shook his head.

“I don’t know…” Tai’tam replied, “I think the old fools going senile,”

Daggerfork chuckled heartily.

“Ha! Tai’tam! the day Zerlin goes senile, be the day that the Netherworld freezes over,”

“With this new Vladek… that could be a possibility…” Tai’tam mumbled.

Zedia looked at him.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing,” Tai’tam replied quietly.

There was a sharp swerve in the road and the path started ascending, and Zerlin’s castle came into full view.

 It was a massive Orcan castle, with four massive spires on each corner.

The ascending path became rockier, and the birds pulling the sleigh began to struggle.

“Yah!” Tai’tam cried, trying to encourage the birds to speed up.

It worked, and within minutes the sleigh reached the entrance of the castle.

“Good luck,” Tai’tam said.

“Wait… aren’t you coming?” Zedia asked.

Tai’tam looked down in sorrow.

“I can’t, Zerlin has made me go to Dragons Tooth Isle to help keep Keragg in control…”

“Who?” Asked Blaze.

“Speak to Zerlin… he’ll explain,”

Daggerfork put his hand on Tai’tam, but didn’t give him a tree-snapping slap, but simply patted him.

Obviously this Keragg was a lot worse than losing your wife.

“Good luck, my friend,” Daggerfork said.

“And to you, and Zedia,”

Zedia lifted his head up, and started to listen.

“Zedia… my master, I know with all my heart that I don’t have even the slightest chance against Keragg-“

Daggerfork was about to intervene, but Tai’tam kept on talking, “That is the truth, one human has no chance against The Keeper Of The Bridge, no normal human, but you, master… are no normal human,”

Tai’tam paused again.

“You, are the Master Wizard, you are super-human! When you strike the last blow to the creature- I will be there, right next to you… and that’s a promise!”

Before Zedia had a chance to reply, Tai’tam pulled on the reigns, and was at the edge of the horizon before anyone could blink.

Then, without planning, Flora and Aidez spoke simultaneously.

“You will see him again,” She said.

‘You will see him again’ He said, the first words since he had revealed he could talk.

“Come on then,” Daggerfork grumbled and started towards the gate.




Zerlin’s castle was a monstrous building.

Like many of the buildings in Hakroth, All of the fortress was built out of strong blocks of stone, except the doors which were made out of thick stained wood.

It was like a rabbit warren, with twists and turns, and Zedia guessed that every door led to another trail of twists and turns.

Daggerfork stopped them at what Zedia thought was the biggest door in the castle, but the odds were highly against it.

“ righ’, ya’re ‘bout t’ meet,” Daggerfork began, “T’ co- founder of t’ Wizards Guild fe’ T’ Magical Defence for Kandrakah, show respect t’ him and don’t speak unless ya’re spoke t’, got it?”

The End

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