Chapter Twenty-Three

Kadran’s inn was a small cosy looking inn, that just sat behind Hakroth’s town clock. When the sun reached its full height, the shadow of the two hands would be plastered just above the entrance.

The inn looked like it had been made in some unknown era. It wasn’t Orc handiwork and it wasn’t Elf or Dwarf either,”.

The inside of the inn actually looked like a barn. There were chickens everywhere.

And to add to the farm illusion, a wolf-dog lay in the corner. The thick black beam holding the roof up was covered in white birds, they looked almost fixed onto it. There was a bend in it, at first look Zedia thought it was a construction problem, but then realised that it was probably the weight of the birds that had probably sat there from the opening of the inn.

“Stay ‘ere, I’ll go n’ find Kadran,” Said Daggerfork, and he went behind the check-in desk and through a small slanted wooden door.

As soon as he was sure Daggerfork was gone, Blaze threw his hands to his nose.

“Phwoar!” He cried, “Can’t anybody smell that?”

 Zedia shot him a look.

“You’re the only one who won’t be quiet about it!” He said, retching quietly.

The time passed slowly, and after about five minutes Daggerfork returned with a fat man, with long, black scruffy hair.

“This is Kadran,” Daggerfork said.

The fat man grunted and bowed to Zedia.

“Master Wizard,”  Kadran’s voice sounded gruff and hoarse, “I am honoured to meet you, Master,”

“Same here,” Said Zedia, bowing back.

“Master, you flatter me,” Kadran said, “You need not bow to me, I am just the Innkeeper, you are much more important,”

 Zedia sighed quietly; he didn’t like being put ‘above’ another human being.

“Mutton tea, anyone?” Asked Kadran

Blaze nodded, and so did Flora.

“No thank you,” said Zedia.

Daggerfork shook his head, “Jus’ ‘ad a pint ‘o ale, feelin’ a bit tipsy,”

“Okey-dokey,” Replied Kadran, and went through the Check-in door, whistling.

“Tai’tam’s late, not like ‘im,” As Daggerfork said this, the inn door opened, and Tai’tam stepped through.

“Speak o’ the devil,” Chuckled Daggerfork.

“Come,” Tai’tam said, holding the door open.

Zedia, Blaze and Flora stood up and went to the door.

“Good luck,” Daggerfork said.

“Zerlin wants you as well, Daggerfork,” Tai’tam told him.

Daggerfork was surprised, and so was Zedia. He thought that Daggerfork was only meant to help them until Tai’tam picked them up, why did this Zerlin want him?

“Fair enough,” Grunted Daggerfork, and heaved himself up.

So the seven, including Aidez, who hadn’t said a word since he had shown Zedia he could talk.

They closed the inn door just before Kadran returned from the kitchen.

“My mutton tea isn’t that bad Daggerfork,” He called out of the door, “mother of Zakko’ra…”


The End

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