Chapter Twenty-One

As the streets became wider, more people starting bashing against Zedia, Daggerfork and everyone else in the party.

“Ow! Watch it!” snarled Blaze, as a short, fat Dwarf knocked him into a wall.

Daggerfork came to a halt by a small corner shop.

The shop had a sign that hung over the door: ‘THE WEAPONRY; we take any knife, axe, mallet or sword! PLUS! We now SELL weapons! COME ON IN!’

“This be it,” Daggerfork said, “Wait ‘ere,”

“Daggerfork, do they sell Staffs? That thief snapped mine,” said Zedia, holding up a staff that was in two pieces.

“Nay lad,” Daggerfork replied, “Ye want Mythor’s Shop for Magical Needs, jus’ down there lad, meet me back ‘ere in ‘alf an hour,”

“Okay, are you two coming?” Zedia asked Blaze and Flora. He didn’t bother to ask Aidez because he knew that he couldn’t get more than two feet above or away from him.

“Yeah, I’ll come,” Said Flora.

“Great,” Replied Zedia.

“No, I’m going to get something cool from here!” Said Blaze, smiling.

Zedia shook his head and began to walk across the cobbled road, Flora and Aidez at his heels.

Daggerfork and Blaze entered the shop.

“Ah!” a thundering voice proclaimed, “Daggerfork! My friend!”

“AHAHAHA!” Daggerfork laughed thunderously, “Maraudus! How are you?”




Zedia, Flora and Aidez finally arrived at the olden looking shop. Zedia looked up at the sign that stood above the door.

“Mythor’s Shop for Magical Needs? This is it,” Zedia pushed the door open, and Flora followed him in.

The shop was dark and candles burnt on shelves around the dank room, a lavender like smell wafted around.

“Hey!!” Called a male voice, “Come here!”

The sound seemed to be coming from nowhere.

“What…” Asked Zedia, Flora was displaying a wondering face.

“Oi! You! The kid with the green hair, come here!”

Zedia tensed his arms, and then almost sprained it when he saw a book on one of the shelves. The book was leather, and had a red stripe down the spine.

“What the…” Zedia asked, and at that moment, the book shuddered, and the voice thundered again:

“Hey! Get over here!”

  “Where are you!?” Zedia asked loudly, he had a hunch that the sound was somehow emanating from the strange book.

“The bookcase…” the voice said, “come here…”

Zedia looked at Flora, and started carefully over to the voice.

“Come on!” The voice was becoming sterner.

Zedia slowly reached out, and gently clasped the spine of the book.

He slid it out, and winced as the two books that once leant against it fell upon each other. The book cover was brown and said: ‘Donzarg Horg, Tawwog Bookra’, the book was ancient, and from an Orcan origin, Zedia could tell that by one look.

“What does that mean-“ Zedia said, but Flora automatically blurted out the answer.

“Do not, open this book…”

Zedia tried to refrain from opening the cover, but it seemed to fall open by itself.

Zedia clenched his eyes shut, and for a moment… nothing happened, until a voice thundered out with a screech. The sound was ear-piercing; Flora squeezed her hands tightly against her ears but the sound still burst through painfully.

Zedia tried to shut the book, but it wouldn’t budge. And at that moment, a male face erupted from the page.

“Ha! Fool, you have set me free!” The face roared.

Eventually the face was a body, and had left the book completely; the body was light blue, and resembled a ghost.

Zedia took three steps back so he was level with Flora and Aidez.

“What did you- do!” Flora exclaimed.

Zedia didn’t know… and when had anybody even heard of a book that springs into life when the cover is opened.

“Zedia!” Flora cried, the figure floating towards her. Zedia broke out of his train of thought, and jumped towards her.

But with one easy flick of its hand, the ghostly figure smacked Zedia backwards.        

Zedia landed with a thump against a bookshelf, and a rain-shower of novels thundered onto his head.

“Ah!” He exclaimed in pain, as a book titled ‘How to Avoid Pain’ smacked onto his shoulder.

The ghost placed his hand on Flora’s head, who was frozen in fear.

“Z-Zed-Zedia… Help…” She mumbled.

Zedia climbed onto his legs, one hand rubbing the back of his neck; one hand gripping onto a shelf.

When he finally regained realisation of what was happening, he lunged forward again. Dodging another swipe from the figure, he leaped and pushed Flora out of harms way.

Zedia dived up, pulling Flora with him by her hand, as he swung low to dodge an angry strike.

Flora plummeted her hand into her pocket and yanked out her staff.

“Disarmus!” she cried, as the bright beam exited fast out of the staff and struck the figure in the chest… or at least it looked like it did, in fact the beam slid through the figure and singed a black mark onto the wall behind it.

Flora thought for a moment, and realised something.

“Of course!” she cried, “How can I be so stupid?”

Zedia, meanwhile, was looking straight into the figures eyes. And saw it was getting ready to lunge at him.

“Uh… Flora? What do we do?” He muttered stepping backwards. He caught his shin on a fallen book’s spine and flew backwards against a bookcase.

“I used the wrong spell… it must be a spectre!” Flora cried.

Zedia froze with fear as the spectre threw itself towards him.

Flora broke out of her thought train and threw her staff up again.

“Spectrus Returnus!”

A white spiral wound out of her staff at a high speed, and just as the spectre was reaching out to Zedia the beam struck it hard in the back.

The spectre screamed… loudly.

“AHHHHHH!” The screech was just as unbearable as when the spectre had first escaped from the book. Zedia winced at the noise, as the figure was pulled back into the open book that lay crumpled up on the floor. The book suddenly slammed shut, and the screech stopped as quickly as it had entered.

Zedia sighed heavily as he caught his balance, and Flora placed her staff back into her pocket.

“What the, HELL just happened?” exclaimed Zedia.

Flora was just about to reply, when there was a bang from inside the door behind the counter.

“What the Zakko’ra is going on out there?” The voice was high and loud, like it was coming from a very old, weedy man.

Zedia tensed his legs, getting ready to exit fast. Flora did the same.

A few seconds passed before the man reached the door.

Zedia tried to run, but his legs stuck fast like concrete.

The man’s full figure appeared, and was not as frightening as his voice made him sound. The man was extremely tall. But he had a hunch, so he looked about the same size as Flora. He had a few lone hairs sprouting out of his scalp.

“Who the hell are you?” The mans face wrinkled up to an extreme extent.

Zedia and Flora exchanged looks, and cannoned out of the shop, followed closely by Aidez.




As Zedia, Flora and Aidez reached The Weaponry, their hearts were thumping heavily.

Flora went to open her mouth but fell silent as all the breath escaped from her lungs.

They entered the shop, and suddenly had the tip of a sword against their faces.

 “Hands up!” Cried a voice.

The End

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