Chapter Twenty

The streets became narrower as the cloaked man tried to evade Zedia and his friends.

“Stop!” cried Zedia.

“Never!” replied the criminal; his breathing was heavy so it was obvious he was tired. The man was in his thirties, so at some point the kids would catch him… or would they? He had never used it before, so something could go terribly wrong… oh well, if it got the damn kids of his tail…

“Take this!” cried Zedia, he swung his staff forward, but realising it was broken swung it back into his pocket.

The criminal laughed and halted, Zedia, Blaze and Flora grinded to a stop as well. Aidez flapped his wings hastily to make sure he stopped where Zedia stood.

“Hah!” Chuckled the criminal, “Nobody can stop me, I am Hagorr! The Bank Bandit!”

Zedia shuffled, he had never heard of this man, but then again they had just come from the other side of the world.

“Never heard of you!” Shouted Blaze, the gap between them was at least twenty-five metres, but sound travelled easily in the dark alley.

“Oh well,” sniggered Hagorr, “Nobody will care if they’ve heard of you or not after I’m done with you… I know of a spell, a spell that I am going to use on you right now…” The bandit lifted his staff, and smiled sinisterly.

“Darkuth-“ Hagorr suddenly froze, and went pale. He made a faint grunt, and fell to his knees and flat onto his face.

As Hagorr fell, he revealed a small man with a beard; he was wearing heavy mail armour and holding a crooked knife covered in blood.

 It took Zedia a moment to realize that this man was a dwarf.

“Wha’ are ya’ doing!” The Dwarf cried, “Ya’ crazy kids! ‘E was gonna use the Darkuth spell on ya’!”

Zedia cringed as he saw Hagorr’s cold rigid body on the floor, with a massive wound dug into his back.

“Did you just…” Blaze swallowed, “Kill him?”

“What else d’ya think bounty hunters do?” The dwarf growled back at him.

“You’re a bounty hunter?” Asked Zedia.

“Ya righ’ I am! Daggerfork the Bounty Hunter of Kandrakah! I hunt down the criminal scourge an’ give ‘em Wha’ they deserve!”

“Well what do you mean ‘what were we doing?’ he was going to kill us!” Zedia suddenly burst out.

“You should’ve let ‘im be! I was after ‘im anyway!” Thundered Daggerfork.

Zedia put his hands up trying to calm the raving dwarf down.

“Listen, Ya’ ingrates! That was Hagorr the Bank Bandit, ‘es one of the most dangerous criminals of Kandrakah!” Snarled Daggerfork, “He knows of a spell, a spell that only the great Master Wizard is s’pposed t’ know! The Darkuth spell,”

“I’ve never heard of that spell,” Said Zedia.

“Nah kiddin’, that be why I said: Only the Master Wizard is s’pposed t’ know!” Said Daggerfork, sarcastically.

“But,” Began Zedia, “I am the Master Wizard,”

Daggerfork’s mouth struggled to conceal a laugh, but it wouldn’t stay down and he almost fell backwards when it finally erupted.

“Ahahaha! Ye! Ye not t’ Master Wizard, ye jus’ a child!”

Zedia slanted his eyebrows, after what he had had been through today, he didn’t think much of his age anymore.

“Seriously, he is the Master Wizard,” Blaze said, “Really,”

Daggerfork’s mind finally clicked, and he lowered himself to his knee making him lose even more height.

“Master, I’m sorry- I didn’t recognise ya,” Blabbed Daggerfork, “Ya mus’ be t’ new generation, Zerlin said ye’ be comin’”

“You know Zerlin?” asked Zedia.

“Yea’ everybody roun’ ere’ knows Zerlin,” replied Daggerfork, “He sent me t’ find ye’, he said ye’ be young, but ‘e never said ye be this young,”

“We’re meant to be meeting him, at six. But we have to go to an inn first,”

“Kadran’s inn?” asked Daggerfork.

“Yeah,” The three of them replied.

“That be where ‘e sends all of ‘em. All of the new Wizards,” Daggerfork pulled out a hanky and wiped the tip of his blade. He then threw the blood-smeared piece of material into a drain and placed the weapon into a holster by his pocket, “What generation ye be? Every ‘undred years thee come, I’ve only been lucky enough to see three of you’s-”

“That would make you… three-hundred?” Said Blaze, using his fingers like an abacus, Flora made a ‘duh’ motion at him.

“Nay lad, three hundred n’ forty five’, got a problem?” Asked Daggerfork, slanting his brows. The alley was dark and cold, Flora crossed her arms in an effort to keep warm.

“No- it’s just, I didn’t think people could live that long,” Blaze replied, Daggerfork let out a short, sharp, extremely loud ‘HAH!’

“Ha! I not be like y’are! I be a Dwarf, ‘an only ‘alfway through me life, may I say, lad!” Chuckled Daggerfork.

“Well,” Said Zedia, “Thanks for helping us, we’ll be off now-”

“I think not!” Daggerfork thundered, as Zedia began to leave the alley, “listen, after what just ‘appened, I don’t think y’ can be trusted on ya own. ‘ere, I ‘ave t’ go and get me mallet back from The Weaponry, so come wi’ me, an’ then I’ll take ya t’ Kadran’s,”

“Fine,” said Zedia, sighing, “Come on, you three- he knows more about this place than we do,”

Blaze and Flora nodded, and suddenly; the alley was empty.




The heavy steel doors were thrown open, and the lanky man wandered in.

“Master Zerlin!” The man proclaimed, “He has arrived! The Master Wizard, he is in Hakroth!”

The addressed man, Zerlin, appeared from behind a large table which held test tubes and wires.

“I know… Tai’tam, I sent you to find them,” Zerlin replied, “I also sent Daggerfork, he should’ve found them by now,”

“What about Keragg?” Asked Tai’tam, moving over to the window, Zerlin followed him, “Has she calmed down?”

Zerlin shook his head.

“No… I do not know what is wrong with her,”

Tai’tam looked over to the mountain on the small island that stood a good six miles away, the massive black dragon hung off it. It’s eyes were sharp, like it was waiting for something… someone.

Tai’tam moved his eyes to the blue spiral that glided out from behind the mountain.

“What about the chaos gate, master?” Asked Tai’tam.

“She won’t let anybody near it, we managed to get one of our messengers past her. But she’s somehow changed the direction of it, the chaos gate just lands in the middle of the Wasteland, and that place is a death-trap,”

  Tai’tam nodded.

“Tai’tam… I will go and warn the docks, we are going to that island… with the Master Wizard,” Zerlin’s face was extremely serious, “ meet me here later, with the child,”

Tai’tam nodded, and turned towards the door.

“Oh,” called Zerlin, “Tai’tam,”

Tai’tam turned around.

“Yes Master?”

“Bring Daggerfork back as well,” Zerlin said.

“why? Daggerfork never normally-“

“Master Wizards, Tai’tam, are never normally under the age of thirty. I have a feeling that Zedia, is more important in this legend than we first thought… and I have a feeling that Daggerfork is important in it as well, so bring him,”

“Yes, Master,” Tai’tam turned and left the room, Zerlin turned towards the massive window and started scratching his beard.

‘Hmh’ he thought.


The End

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