Chapter Nineteen

“What the hell is going on?” the small bearded man entered the room. He was wearing a purple pointed hat and held a long glass staff with a purple orb on the end that was bigger than him.

The weedy man replied with a squeaky voice.

“It’s… Keragg, master. She’s gone berserk,”

The bearded man arrived at the window, the window that looked out onto the mountain on the close island.

Hanging off the peak of the mountain was a massive black and red dragon. There were men shooting fiery arrows at it. The arrows were hitting with deadly aim, but the beast seemed near indestructible.

“Our men… Master Zerlin, are bringing her down with arrows…” the weedy man said.

Zerlin thundered round.

“Don’t! Leave her!” Zerlin’s face went serious, “the quest has begun, again. The Master Wizard is coming… Keragg is his next challenge,”




The ground levelled out as the ogres and their passengers came to the top of the gorge.

“No more Murgor eh, Zed?” Blaze said.

“Shut up!” exclaimed Zedia. Zedia had had enough of hurting creatures for today, and any other days to come. But he knew he would have to, if he was the master wizard.

“We’re almost there, you can get off me now,” Bangor said.

The mist disappeared, and the scenery became clear. They were surrounded by massive grassy hills. It was a lot more beautiful than what they had just passed through.

“Well,” said Bangor, “Hakroth’s that way,”

Bangor pointed upwards onto the biggest hill, on it sat a small village.

“Thank you,” Zedia said, dismounting Bangor’s shoulder, Aidez hovered down after him.

  “That’s fine,” Bangor replied.

Blaze and Flora dismounted Bash and Smash.

“Call me,” said Bash to Flora.

Flora made a sound of disgust and turned around.

“Goodbye, then,” Zedia said, looking upwards.

Bangor smiled.

“It’s not- goodbye,” He said, “I’m sure I will see you, sometime, in the remainder of your quest… Master Wizard Zedia,”

Zedia’s mouth opened.

“So, everybody knows about me now?” He complained.

“No… you have to be smart enough to realise it. There was something about you that made me realise it,” Bangor smiled again.

“What’s that then?” asked Zedia.

“Maybe it was how you defeated Murgor… the way you handled your sword? No… the way you had the magical prowess to turn your staff into a sword? No… it was your bravery,”

Zedia kept his eyes firmly fixed on Bangor’s face.

“Thank you, Bangor,” he said.

Bangor smiled.

“If… Zedia, you are the one to save us. I put my entire faith in you,”

Bangor turned and begun to walk back towards the gorge, Bash and Smash followed.

“Thank you… again!” Zedia called.

Bangor lifted up his hand and morphed it into a thumbs up sign. And with that, the three massive figures disappeared into the thick fog.

“So…” said Zedia.

“So…” said Blaze.

“So…” Flora finished.

“Come on then,” Said Zedia, turning towards the massive hill which atop sat a village, Hakroth village, “This is where my quest begins- our quest, our Quest for Kandrakah,”

So with that, Zedia, Blaze, Flora and Aidez started up the massive hill, to Hakroth, to start their quest.




The hill was steep and treacherous, and a terror to mount. As Zedia, Blaze and Flora trekked higher, it became steeper and steeper. So steep, in fact, that they were forced to climb it as they would if they were rock climbing.

“Just a bit further, guys!” Zedia called down.

Flora was at the bottom of the trek. She had said that the boys should go ahead, but forgot how afraid she was of heights.

“How much further?” she called back up, trembling.

The hill became less steep, so Zedia stood up, His arms out to keep his balance.

Eventually Flora and Blaze reached the top as well, following Zedia’s actions.

The hill became completely flat, and Hakroth came into view. Even after that long trek, it was still a good mile and a half away.

“Oh great! More walking!” Moaned Zedia.

At that moment, Zedia saw something shooting towards them. It had come from Hakroth. On closer inspection, Zedia saw it was a bird like creature, not like Murgor. It was a small bird, pulling a sleigh.

It got closer and closer, Zedia tensed, But loosened when he saw a friendly looking bearded man holding the reigns.

It stopped near them.

“Excuse me but-” Zedia asked, but the man interrupted him.

“I’m Tai’tam, that’s Tay-a-tame. I’m here to pick you up by orders of Master Zerlin,”

Zedia didn’t even try to get a word in.

“Well?” asked Tai’tam, “Come on then! Get in,”

So without a thought, Zedia, Blaze, Flora and Aidez climbed into the sleigh.

The sleigh shot off at once, at the pace that they were moving; it would only take them ten minutes to reach          Hakroth.

Zedia took the chance to speak to Tai’tam.

“Excuse me sir-”

“Call me Tai’tam, Zedia,”

“Okay, hang on? How do you know my name?”

Tai’tam turned to him and smiled.

“I know all about you… Master Zerlin told me about you, and you two,”

Flora’s mind clicked.

“Master Zerlin… the Wizard?”

Tai’tam turned his head back, and tilted the reigns slightly.

“Yes,”he replied, “Things are not going well in Hakroth,”

“How do you mean?” Flora asked, as the sleigh entered the town.

“I’m afraid I do not know much about it, I am merely the taxi, you will have to ask Master Zerlin,”

The streets were cobbled paths, and the buildings were made out a pale yellow stone.

The street led on, with a castle towering above the other buildings at the end of it.

“Over there is Master Zerlin’s castle,” said Tai’tam, pointing at the fortress, “Master Zerlin will not be ready yet, if you go to Kadran’s inn, I will meet you there at half six,”

“Okay, but I have two questions,” said Zedia.

“Yes?” Asked Tai’tam, pulling on the reigns. The sleigh slowed to a halt as he did this.

“One: we don’t know what time it is-”

Tai’tam pointed at massive tower clock that had frankly gone unnoticed. It was displaying three o’clock.

“Okay, but where’s the inn?” asked Zedia.

“If you follow down that alley,” said Tai’tam pointing at a small back road, “You will come out to the town centre, and Kadran’s inn is at the end of the road,”

Zedia, Flora and Blaze nodded.

“Okay,” said Zedia, climbing out of the sleigh, “we’ve still got three hours, we could buy some supplies,”

Tai’tam nodded. And slammed down on the leather reigns, the bird squawked and thundered down the cobbled road, pulling Tai’tam and the sleigh behind it.

“Well come on then,” said Zedia, “Shall we shop?”

“We could, Zedia, but we don’t have any money left,” Flora said.

Holding up the three Kandras

Zedia bit his lip, and sighed.

“Well what do we do now?” he asked.

“Go to the inn?” replied Blaze.

Zedia nodded, but at that moment; a masked man in a cloak burst through the middle of them holding a brown bag. As he passed, he grabbed Zedia’s staff and snapped it in half. Dropping it about ten yards away.

Zedia went and picked it up, and said:

“After him,”

The End

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