Chapter Eighteen

“What… you seriously didn’t know about- it?” Asked Bash.

Zedia shook his head.

“We’re not from around here,” He said.

Smash stepped in front of his brother.

“What sort of monster?” asked Flora.

Bash and Smash smiled at each other.

“You wouldn’t know about… Murgor the Monster,”

Bangor stepped in front of his brothers.

“Listen…” he said, “there is NO monster in that gorge,”

“Yes there is!” snarled Bash, but backed off when he saw Bangor’s club hurtling towards his face.


“Ow!” he cried.

Zedia looked at Flora and Blaze.

“Well,” he said.

“What?” asked Blaze.

“We might as well try, if there is a monster- well,”

Zedia didn’t finish his sentence, but everybody knew what he was going to say.

“Come on then,” said Bangor.

Bash and Smash crossed their big arms.

“We’re still not going,” they said, but their minds soon decided against it as they saw Bangor lift up his club.

“Co-come on… th-then,” they stuttered.




It had been a long hour of trekking through the thick, dark wood. And the two whining ogres didn’t help much either.

“How much further?” Zedia asked Bangor. Their trek had a sort of diamond formation. Zedia and Bangor at the front, Flora and Blaze were just behind them with a large gap in between them; Bash and Smash followed at the back.

“Bangor?” Zedia asked again.

Bangor looked at Zedia.

“Hmh?” he asked.

“How much farther?”

Bangor looked forward.

“Does this answer your question?” Bangor said, reaching forward with his club. He smashed a large clump of branches out of his way, and what was revealed was the most awesome thing Zedia had seen in his whole entire life.

The gorge opened out for at least a good mile and a half. There was fog and mist drifting up from the deep canyon. The ground had a clay colour to it, and vegetation was scarce.

“Oh my… god!” exclaimed Zedia.

Bangor looked down at him, then looked back at the gorge.

“Well… do you think there is a monster down there?”

But before Zedia had a chance to answer, a thunderous squawk echoed out from the canyon.

Zedia shook his head, and replied with a stern “Yes,”

Flora walked so she was level with Zedia.

“That sounds like a… bird,”

Bash and Smash looked at each other.

“Dats what dey say Murgor is like…a Bird Monster,” said Smash.

“Maybe we could- go around it?” Blaze came out of nowhere.

Bangor thought that this was a good idea.

“Well… it’s worth a shot,” said Zedia.

Bangor set off into the mist.

“Wait! I thought we had to ride on your back!” called Blaze.

Bangor had disappeared into the mist, but his voice came through loud and clear.

“Don’t be a wimp! It’s okay for a few slopes!”

Zedia looked back at his friends, even Aidez was trying to fly after Bangor. But the magical link kept him bound to Zedia’s shoulder.

Zedia shrugged and followed Bangor, Aidez followed him, and so did Flora, Blaze, Bash and Smash.

As the fog thickened, it was becoming a lot harder to see.

“Bangor!” Zedia called through the mist.

“What!” the voice thundered back.

“When does the mist start to go? -”

Suddenly the mist went, and all seven of the trekkers came into full view of each other.

“Doesn’t matter,”

Bangor stopped and turned round.

“This is where you start the ride, so jump on,” he said.

Another screeched echoed again, Murgor, or whatever it was, was getting close.

“I’ll take Bangor, Flora- Bash, Blaze-Smash. Come on, we want to get out of here as quick as we can, Murgor’s getting closer… what?” Zedia looked at Blaze and Flora, who were staring blankly above his head.

Blaze pointed.

Zedia already knew what was behind him before he even turned around. Maybe it was sixth sense… or the searing pain of talons tearing into his back. He was swooped off the ground.

He screamed, and clenched his fists, swinging them wildly.

He couldn’t see Murgor, so he couldn’t attack him. But Flora did that for him.

“Semi Destructamus!”

The beam erupted out of her staff and narrowly missed the beasts wings.

Luckily, the shock coaxed Murgor to loosen it’s talons, Zedia broke off and landed acrobatically on the rocky canyon ground, not a scratch on him.

Zedia swung round and saw what Murgor really looked like. Half of its body was bird-like, but its head was… unexplainable.

The head was browner than gold, and two sinister looking horns stuck out of his forehead. Like a bull.

“What are you doing here?!” Murgor squawked, “This is my territory! Go away!”

Bangor ran up and jumped up onto Murgor’s back.

“Get- off me!” Murgor squealed.

Bangor roared as he was flung off the monsters back.

Murgor swung out his massive wings and tried to fly, but failed.

“What!” Murgor roared, “why can’t I fly? What have you done!?”

Flora smiled.

“I’ve clipped your wings, birdie!” she laughed.

Apparently the spell created via Flora had skimmed the feathers on Murgor’s left wing, thus making him flightless.

Zedia smiled and Blaze started shaking his hips chanting: “you go girl!”

Bangor tried once again to jump on Murgor. He didn’t even manage to land before he was deflected by a massive wing.

He landed against a sharp crag.

“I am going to destroy you!” the bird screeched.

Zedia started to back away, but then he launched forward.

He pointed his staff, and suddenly lost control of his body, just like he had whilst fighting the Morpheggs.

Flora winced, Blaze jumped for joy and Zedia moved out of the way to avoid being squashed by three tonnes of bird.

“I am in no mood!” Zedia snarled, backing up to his friends. Bangor had managed to lift himself up off the sharp crag.

“Zedia… that was-” said Flora, but Zedia interrupted.

“Come on… that things dead,” Zedia said, pointing at the large winged body on the floor, “But I still hate this place. Now like I said: Flora- Bash, Blaze- Smash and I’ll take Bangor… now move!”

Blaze and Flora shot off to their ‘assigned’ ogres.

Bangor looked at Zedia as he climbed onto his back.

“Oh shut up!” Zedia snarled.

“What… I didn’t say anything!” said Bangor.

“Just walk…”

so all three ogres, with their ‘passengers’ on their shoulders, set off up the canyon-side.

The mist ever thickening.

The End

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