Chapter Seventeen

Sladen looked out of his small window.

‘The quest has begun…’ He thought, ‘Zedia has a lot of challenges to overcome… if he really is the ‘Master Wizard’, it should be easy for him’

“Xaria!” he called.

Xaria was already on her way by the time the echoing call had reached her. She came to the wooden doors.

“what?” she asked, pushing them open.

Sladen turned round.

“Ah…” he said, “My darling daughter,”

“Shut it,” Xaria snarled.

“Listen,” said Sladen, “I want you to give me full control of the Chaos Bridge that goes to the Wasteland,”

Xaria smiled.

 “You can’t do that…”

“Why the hell not?” asked Sladen.

“Because…” Xaria began, “The Chaos Bridge was created by Zerlin The Great and the Dwarf king Kratus, our magic would have absolutely no effect on it, sorry master,”

“Damn!” exclaimed Sladen.

Xaria suddenly had an idea; she placed a smug smile on her lips.

“There is one thing you can do,” she said.

“What’s that?” Sladen asked.

Xaria moved over to the tiny window and sat on the ledge.

“What is it, Xaria?”

Xaria turned her head.

“Why do you want to mess with the Bridge, anyway?”

Sladen moved his face into a snarl, and then moved it back.

“Mind your own, now what’s your idea? Tell me child!”

Xaria was enjoying Sladen get annoyed, but nether the less- she wanted to make it as hard as possible for Zedia.

“Okay,” she started, “you can’t take over the Chaos Bridge… but you can take over the Guard,”

“Ah, nice thinking,” Sladen said with a nasty smile upon his face, “Xaria, give me full control of the dragon known as ‘Keragg, the Great Guardian of the Chaos Bridge’!”

Xaria sighed, and rubbed her hands together, producing a silver orb the size of a tennis ball.

She chucked it into the air, on its descent it stopped just before Xaria caught it.

“Orb of Control…  I feel your might, give me control of Keragg… the Great Guardian of the Chaos Gate!” Xaria waved her hand and somewhere, a great beast became angered…




Bangor pushed a branch out of his way with his club.

“How much further?” Asked Blaze.

Bangor turned his head towards him.

“It’s just through here! Now shut up!”

Blaze sighed loudly.

“You said that half an hour ago!”

Blaze hadn’t stopped whining since the five had set off into the thick forest.

“Blaze,” said Zedia, “you’re starting to annoy me now, so shut up!”

Flora chuckled once.

“He started to annoy me the first day I met him,” she said. Blaze threw her a dirty look; she smiled back.

As they walked on, the sound of deep voices arguing became audible.

“It’s mine!”

“No it’s not, it’s mine!”



The two voices argued.

Bangor pushed one final branch out of the way, and a cave appeared.

The entrance to the cave was dark, massive and buried into the hills.

“Here we are,” said Bangor gruffly, “Cave, damp, cave,”

The two arguing voices were now as loud as they could get.

“Wait here,” Bangor said, “I’ll go shut the idiots up,”

Bangor left Zedia, Flora, Blaze and Aidez; and went into the cave. There was a bang, and more shouting.

“Hey!” Bangor’s voice was recognised instantly, “Shut up you idiots! We’ve got company!”

The two other voices started laughing, one of them stopped and spoke.

“Hey bro! Don’t tell me you stepped on another Rabbid!”

There was a thump, and then a cry.

Bangor left the cave and called over to Zedia, Blaze, Flora and Aidez.

“Come on then! The idiots are being quiet for once!”

The three shrugged at each other, and walked over to the cave; followed by Aidez.

As they entered the cave, they were hit by the smell of damp.

Bangor was standing in the far corner with two other ogres.

The ogre on the right was taller than the one on the left. But the other one had buckteeth. Bangor still towered above both of them.

“Err…” said the tall one, “I’m Bash,”

“Duh…” said the bucktoothed one, “I’m Smash,”

Bangor swung his club and managed to hit the back of both Bash’s and Smash’s head.

“Listen!” Bangor snarled.

Flora was feeling uncomfortable around Bangor.

After Bangor had commanded this, the two other ogres straightened out and stood still. Bangor was obviously in charge.

“Listen,” he started again, “these three nice people and their pet,”

Aidez recoiled seeming to take offence in what Bangor had said about him.

“Would like a ride on our backs down the gorge…” Bangor finished.

Bash and Smash tried to hold it in, but…

“There is no way I am going down that gorge!” said Smash.

Zedia looked up.

“Why not?” He asked.

Bash’s mouth opened wide.

“What?” he exclaimed.

“What, what?” asked Blaze, confused.

Bangor shook his head and sighed. Bash leant forward.

“There’s a monster down there…”

The End

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