Chapter Fifteen

Zedia’s eyes flickered from open to closed, much like his consciousness.

He eventually regained it and moved his arms. The ground was muddy and wet.

He opened his eyes and lifted himself off the wet ground.

He looked around, he was on a grassy moor, in front of him was a thick grassy forest. Cold, wet rain dribbled down his face.

Aidez hovered next to him.

A thought hit him.

‘Blaze and Flora!’

he searched frantically around the moor for them. Then he saw a shoe sticking out from behind a rock.

“Blaze!” he cried running over to the unconscious boy.

“Blaze… wake up,” Zedia nudged Blaze’s side.

  He had to nudge Blaze a few times before his eyes burst open. He dived upwards off the floor and started shouting.

“Where am I? What happened! Soul-Eater!”

Zedia grabbed his shoulder and said:

“Calm down,”

At once Blaze stood still and turned around to look at Zedia.

“Where’s Flora?” he asked.

“I don’t know…”

Suddenly there was scream that came from inside the forest.

Blaze and Zedia looked at each other.

“Flora!” they both cried.

Zedia thundered into the forest, Blaze and Aidez quickly behind him.

A vine that Zedia had pushed out of his way hit Blaze across the face.

Zedia jumped a rock and continued into the thick, bushy forest.

They eventually arrived in an opening. On the other side of the opening, was a body… Flora.

Zedia ran over to the sprawled out Flora.

“Flora… are you, okay?” he asked her.

Her eyes fluttered open, and she muttered out two words:

“Behind… you,”

at that moment, Zedia felt something heavy hit him over the back of his head. 

He fell backwards next to Flora, he felt a sharp pain in his back. He was now laying on a stone. His vision was blurred but he managed to see a massive wooden club plummeting towards him.

He quickly rolled out of the way and saw the club smash the rock he was lying on in half.

Zedia dodged another strike from the club.

He pulled himself up and swivelled round to see what was attacking him.

There, standing right in front of him- was a twenty-foot high ogre.

Zedia ran his eyes over the ogre again… but found no Soul-Capturer. This ogre wasn’t being controlled by Sladen.

“What are you doing in Bangor’s territory?!” the ogre roared.

“we don’t know!” Zedia cried, “we were brought here by somebody, we don’t know who!”

Bangor took his club. Zedia got ready to dodge another strike. But Bangor swung his arm back and started to scratch his backside with it.

“Why are you in MY territory!?” Asked Bangor, again.

Zedia realised that this ogre was obviously thick, and hadn’t heard what he had said.

Blaze and Aidez shot over to Zedia.

“seriously… he’s right, some bloke kidnapped us and teleported us here!” Blaze looked across to Zedia, “ who was that guy anyway?”

Bangor swung his club down.

“Doesn’t- matter!” cried Zedia, dodging the club.

“Listen we’re sorry!” cried Blaze, but Bangor didn’t listen. He thrust his club down, but he didn’t aim it for anywhere near Blaze or Zedia. He brought it down again, and again. He was smashing the ground with endless rage.

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Blaze, staring at the maniacal monster.

“I don’t- know,” replied Zedia.

Bangor swung his club again, this time in a semi-circle. Zedia had to run behind Bangor to dodge the attack. Blaze simply fell backwards.

As Zedia ran behind Bangor, he noticed something. Right in the middle of the ogre’s back, was a massive thorn.

‘That’s it!’ thought Zedia.

“Blaze,” Called Zedia over the massive Bangor, “Distract him!”

“Right!” Blaze called back, “hey chubs! How much do you weigh?”

Bangor roared and thundered down his club again, Blaze gambolled and pulled out his staff.

“Boulderus Blastus!” he cried, as a massive boulder squeezed out of the tip of his staff.

It flew forward, and struck Bangor right in the chest.

Bangor fell backwards but caught his balance. Zedia took advantage of this opportunity so he ran forward and dived onto the massive ogre’s back.

Zedia grabbed hold of a lump of dead skin.

“Ugh!” he exclaimed, the skin felt scaly to touch.

Zedia climbed up to Bangor’s shoulder and shouted over to Blaze.

“good! And again!”

Blaze thrust his staff up again.

“Blazus infernus!”

A ball of fire thundered out of the tip of his staff.

Bangor dodged the attack, and Zedia was almost thrown off his back.

Zedia grabbed onto another piece of dead skin and held on.

Zedia slid down to the thorns level.

“Here goes nothing…” He joked.

The End

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