Chapter Fourteen

Zedia flew down the stairs leading out of the languages department- his heart pumping. He didn’t want to miss what Mrs Rzegula was going to tell them. If it was that important then she would probably tell him later, but Zedia wanted to know now.

He eventually arrived in the Magic Spells department.

As he was running he didn’t see Mr Wand walking towards him… SMACK!

Zedia fell backward, and Mr Wand’s papers flew everywhere.

Zedia immediately thought ‘whoops’.

“Right Zedia! You’ve got a heads detention with me!”

“okay sir!” Zedia immediately shot up and continued running.

“what! Hey come back!” Mr Wand called.

Aidez took one look at the big bulky teacher, and flew off fast after Zedia.




Zedia burst through Mrs Rzegula’s classroom door.

“ah, good to see you,” smiled Mrs Rzegula, looking up at Aidez.

“yeah, sorry miss,” Zedia thought back to Mrs Argon, she was probably still stuck against the classroom wall. He chuckled at the idea.

Flora and Blaze were sitting down, Mrs Rzegula had given them a cup of something warm.

Zedia threw his bag down under his table and sat down.

Mrs Rzegula went over to a desk by the door. On the desk sat a teapot. she poured something from the  teapot into a mug, the  liquid was a pale yellow colour, and was steaming.

Mrs Rzegula brought it over to Zedia.

“what is it,” he asked.

“it’s lemon tea, drink it… it calms you down,”

Well, Zedia did need calming down. So he took a sip, it was hot. But Zedia was thirsty, so he took another sip.

“so,” Flora said.

“oh, of course,” Mrs Rzegula reminded herself of what the three had come for, “we need to talk about earlier,”

“What was that thing?” Zedia referred to the strange-cloaked creature that took over Flora earlier that morning.

Mrs Rzegula sighed, and took her seat.

“That thing was something from faraway, from the furthest and dirtiest reaches of Kandrakah… it was a Soul-Eater,”

“A what?” asked Zedia.

“They are Death’s minions, used to collect souls from corpses and transport them to the Sprit World,”

“So they’re demons?” Asked Flora, but Mrs Rzegula shook her head.

“No, and yes…”

Six eyes looked at her in confusion.

“There are three types of Demons, type one are Daemons, like that,” She said, pointing  to Aidez, “Type two, are Balancers, like Soul-Eaters, some people call them Angels, and type three are full Demons, completely evil,”

“So why did it make Flora attack me?” Zedia asked.

Mrs Rzegula sighed and looked out of the window.

 “Somebody… something… somehow is controlling them, and other creatures from Kandrakah,” replied Mrs Rzegula.

Zedia had already figured out all of the things that Mrs Rzegula didn’t know… or did she?

“Miss…” Zedia said, “I already know who’s doing all this, and how he’s doing it,”

“who, Zedia?” Mrs Rzegula asked the question like she already knew the answer.

“you already know, miss,” said Zedia, “you know, somehow… Sladen,”

Mrs Rzegula sighed, and took another sip of her lemon tea.

“yes… well done,” she sighed, “do you know how Sladen is controlling them?”

“Yes… he’s using these strange emblem things…” replied Zedia.

Blaze’s eyes were locked on the conversation, Flora took a massive gulp of her tea.

“those strange emblem things, Zedia, are Soul Capturers. They take the souls of innocent creatures and make them pure evil,” Mrs Rzegula took a deep breath, everything was deeply silent in the room, “there is a special way to remove the Soul Capturer…”

Zedia thought back to what Aidez had done to Disharkus. He had destroyed the Soul Capturer, Disharkus had gone to the spirit world because he was already dead.

“Miss?” asked Zedia.

Mrs Rzegula put her mug down onto the desk and locked her eyes onto him.

“Yes?” She replied.

Flora fidgeted on her chair, they weren’t the comfiest she’d ever sat on.

“Why,” Zedia stood up, “Why is all this stuff happening to us?”

“Because, Zedia,” Mrs Rzegula said, “you are the one who is destined to save Kandrakah… you are the next Master Wizard…”




Zedia looked left and right at Flora and Blaze, he then fixed his eyes back onto Mrs Rzegula.

“What?” he asked puzzled.

“All this has happened before…” Mrs Rzegula started, “to my father, Saran, he was the Master Wizard eighty years ago… but this one is impatient, he’s  years early,”

“What do you mean? ‘he’s early’?” Flora asked.

Mrs Rzegula got up and took her mug back over to the desk with the two teapots on it, she took the teapot and poured herself another mug of tea.

She brought it back over to her desk and sat down.

“There is a prophecy, The Prophecy Of Heroes, and this prophecy says, that every one hundred years, a member of the Vladek family, will  ” Mrs Rzegula was interrupted by Zedia.

“Sladen,” He cut in, Mrs Rzegula wasn’t happy but continued to talk.

“It says a member of the Vladek family will try to take control of Kandrakah, and the Master Wizard is meant to stop him,”

 “And what’s this got to do with me and Flora?” asked Blaze, who was rejecting his lemon tea.

“The legend goes that the Master Wizard will have two companions… the one with the power of wildlife, and the one with the amazing hidden talent,” Mrs Rzegula replied.

Blaze and Flora looked at each other and exchanged looks.

“So… what do we have to do,” Asked Zedia. The tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a sword.

“you must do exactly as the legend says… you must start a quest, the Quest for Kandrakah,”

Suddenly the classroom door burst open, Flora almost choked on her tea.

A Soul-Eater entered the classroom; with a Soul-Capturer fixed to its forehead.

“Children, run!” Mrs Rzegula cried, but as Zedia, Flora and Blaze jumped up, they realised that the Soul-Eater had somehow slowed time down!

The red and black swirl on the monsters chest started spinning rapidly.

“Let the Quest begin!” it snarled.

And everything went black.


The End

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