Chapter Thirteen

“Aidez?…” Zedia mumbled.

Disharkus chuckled.

“what can that thing do?”

But Aidez could do a lot… suddenly two beams of light erupted from his small eyes. They flew forward until they struck the emblem, which cracked and eventually fell apart into shards of glass on the floor.

Disharkus fell to his knees and then rolled over onto his back.

Zedia took a glance at Aidez, and then ran over to the collapsed body.

Zedia knelt down next to Disharkus, and nudged him in his side gently.

His eyes flickered open.

“are you okay?” Zedia asked

“Th-thank you…” he mumbled, and he dissolved into thin air.

Zedia sighed, and picked himself off the ground.

He took one more sigh and walked through the doors into the languages department, Aidez squeaked and hovered after him.




Zedia didn’t listen much to what Mrs Argon said most of the lesson, if she asked him a question- he was lucky if he answered about the right subject.

Zedia kept telling himself that Disharkus had already been sent to the spirit world by Sladen, the emblem had took control of him and brought him back just to destroy Zedia…

He really had to stop feeling so guilty about these things.

“Zedia” Mrs Argon growled, her hairy top lip wobbled.

“Yes miss,” Zedia snapped out of his guilt.

“What is the word for ‘wake up’ in Hobbithean?” she joked nastily.

The door opened.

“it’s Bakkh Hathh, miss,” Flora had appeared through the open door.

“yes, Flora,” growled Mrs Argon, “now what do you want?”

Flora went over to Mrs Argon’s desk.

“Mrs Rzegula needs to see Zedia,” she asked the large woman.

Mrs Argon looked over to Zedia.

“Well she can’t,” she growled.

“it’s kind of urgent miss,” answered Flora.

“Well she can’t! and neither at lunch!” Mrs Argon must have read Flora’s mind.

Zedia’s eyes widened.

“Why?” He exclaimed, the whole class looked at him.

Mrs Argon looked back at Zedia, her mouth open.

“Why?” she snarled, “oh! I don’t know, maybe it’s the fact that you turned my child into a pig!”

Zedia bit his lip.

“Miss, I don’t want to sound cheeky…” Flora said.

“Then don’t!” Mrs Argon interrupted snarling.

but,” Flora obviously didn’t like being interrupted, “Mrs Rzegula is deputy head,”

“I don’t care! Now get out of my lesson you rude girl!” Mrs Argon shouted.

Flora looked over to Zedia with a look that said: what-should-we-do?

Zedia didn’t know what to do, he really needed to figure things out. But Flora was not going to win this battle against Mrs Argon, and neither was he. So he shrugged his shoulders as if to say just-go-I’ll-figure-it-out.

So Flora sighed and left the room.

“Miss, about Gareg…” Zedia tried to say.

“Shut it!” Mrs Argon snarled.

So Zedia sat back into his chair and began trying to figure out how to get out of his detention.




The bell broke through the silence of the classroom, Zedia had decided he was going to try and escape with the crowd.

“Right class,” Mrs Argon’s high-pitched raspy voice said, “Sod off,”

Zedia immediately threw himself into the crowd.

“what are you doing?” Helia Snitchell asked.

“shut it,” Zedia growled, “I’m trying to get out!”

Helia thought for a moment, and then folded out of the crowd.

“Mrs Argon, he’s here!” She smiled.

“thank you Helia, get here now Zedia!” Mrs Argon snarled.

Zedia threw a dirty look at Helia, who smiled  and left the classroom.

Zedia returned to his desk.

“Why the hell, did you turn my little pookums into a pig?” Mrs Argon growled, Zedia had to trap a snigger at the word pookums.

While Mrs Argon was ranting and raving, Zedia suddenly had an idea, he had to repress a smile at the thought of how smart it was.


“What?” Mrs Argon rasped.

“Shut it a minute,” Mrs Argon didn’t like that remark, “do you know anything about Biology?”

“No… why?” Mrs Argon became strangely interested.

“No reason,” at that moment Zedia threw his staff forward and shouted: “Restrictus Growthus!”

Two green vines shot out of Zedia’s staff and wrapped tightly around Mrs Argon, she tried to scream but another small piece of vine tightly squeezed her mouth shut.

Zedia quickly jumped up out of his seat and ran towards the classroom door. Aidez quickly flew after him.

Zedia looked back at Mrs Argon, who was strapped against the classroom wall.

“Sorry miss, it’s nothing personal” Zedia said, “I just hate you!”

at once he jerked the door open and flew out, Aidez struggling to keep up.

The End

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