Chapter Twelve

“Right! I want you all! To practice the aerial dive move,” snarled the bulky Physical teacher, as he left the changing rooms.

Zedia pulled on his shoes, picked up his bag and walked over to Blaze.

Zedia’s face was annoyed, after having Morpheggs attacking you- you don’t want to have somebody screaming at you, and throwing you up in the air.

“How… what did you do to those Morpheggs? Blaze asked standing up off his bench.

“I didn’t do it!” Zedia said loudly.

The whole room locked their eyes on Zedia. Blaze threw a punch into his shoulder.

“OW! What was that for?” Zedia exclaimed.

“For making us look like idiots,”

The room went back to normal, kids chattering and laughing.

“C’mon, we got Hobbithean,” Zedia said.

“Nope… you’ve got Hobbithean, I got moved down a group!” Blaze said it like it was a bad thing, Mrs Argon was probably the worst teacher in school. She would put you in detention for the smallest reason, plus… she was Gareg’s mother.

“okay, remember- if you want to know what me and Flora were talking about, go to Mr Rzegula’s room at lunch,” Zedia said, leaving the dressing room.

“whatever…” Blaze said, tightening his laces.




Zedia passed through the canteen, entering out into the secondary grounds, Aidez was flapping his wings wildly to keep up with him.

He was just about to enter into the languages department when a deep voice called out to him.

“excuse me!”

Zedia turned around to see a tall man in a red coat.         There was a blue badge on the left breast of his outfit. His head was pointing downwards so his face was shadowed.

“Are you… Zedia Spell?” he asked sinisterly, his face still hidden.

“yeah… what do you want?” Zedia slit his eyes slyly.

“I’m here to arrest you,” answered the strange man, flashing an identity card, “Agent Mohawk, P.F.S.K,”

This man was from the Police for Forbidden Spells use in Kandrakah.

“and why’s that?” Zedia was already reaching into his back pocket for his staff.

“Did you…or did you not use the Semi-Destructamus spell earlier this morning?” Zedia saw a glint in the mans eyes as he said this, it was the sun… but it made him look sinister.

“yes, but it was in self defence!” Zedia snapped.

“how’s that?”

Zedia had stopped searching for his staff, he had to argue his case.

“I was against fifteen Morpheggs!”

the whole area around Zedia was empty… except for Aidez, he was alone.

The figure burst out laughing, and took a step forward.

“Morpheggs! HA! Morpheggs live in the Wastelands! Why would fifteen of them come over here just to fight you?” the figure fell almost fell backwards with laughter, he caught his balance but his hat flew off.

A strand of black hair fell over the figure’s eye, Zedia gasped. On Mohawk’s forehead was something Zedia recognised instantly. It was the emblem he had seen earlier on the strange ‘cloak’s’ forehead.

“nice try…” Zedia smiled.

Mohawk’s face turned twisted.

“It was worth one…” Mohawk smiled, he swung his arms out.

“MORPHUS PERFECTUS FORMUS!” Mohawk screamed. blue beams erupted from his hands, wrapping around his tall body.

His pale skin was replaced by a muddy green colour, and his ears turned into indents.

“Oh… not you again!” Zedia cried.

“HA- nice to see you too!” Disharkus laughed.

Zedia went to reach for his staff, but realised something. He didn’t know what he had done to the army of Morpheggs earlier, he had gone deaf and lost control of his body… now he was the one under pressure.

“now, like earlier, I want to OBLITERATE you!” roared Disharkus.

“hasn’t Sladen already tried using you-”Zedia was interrupted by Disharkus.

“Its not Sladen who put me up to this! I wouldn’t come back from the Spirit World for that git! This is for me, I’m doing this out of my own free will!”

“why!” Zedia exclaimed.

Disharkus’ eyes widened in anger.

“WHY?” he roared, “WHY! You destroyed my entire army! Most of those men were my friends!”

“I had no choice… you were going to kill us!” Zedia fought, he thought about running. But he could see the long range Staff in Disharkus’ pocket… he couldn’t escape.

Disharkus’ middle eye wept something that looked like a tear, but the wind blew it off of his face.

“you could have just destroyed the emblems!” Disharkus cried.

Zedia gasped and took a step backward.

The emblem that Zedia had seen back when Flora attacked him must have been controlling the cloaked creature, and he swore he had seen some when he was fighting the army of Morpheggs. And Disharkus still had one stuck to him now! Zedia had to try and get it off.

Zedia realised if the emblem was a magical source, maybe he could use the Disarmus spell to blow it off!

Without warning, Zedia lurched forward with his Staff pointing perfectly at the small emblem.

 “Disarmus!” He cried.

The blue beam struck the emblem at full power, but to no avail… the beam simply reflected off and blasted into the sky.

“ah, crap!” Zedia exclaimed as he landed back onto the ground.

He stepped backward quickly to where Aidez was hovering, his face squashed with fear. You couldn’t blame him, he was only an hour and a half old.

“I guess you just have bad aim… what’s it going to my head?” Disharkus growled.

Zedia thought for a moment.

‘of course!’ he thought, ‘he doesn’t know he has one of those strange emblems stuck to him!’

Disharkus roared, and a black beam thundered out of his horn. Zedia cart wheeled out of harms way, and it barely missed Aidez.

 Zedia now realised he needed a miracle, and one was on its way…

Aidez floated forward so he was level with Zedia, who turned to face him.

Aidez blinked, and when he opened his eyes… they were glowing…


The End

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