Chapter Eleven

“My master wishes me to destroy you,” the lead Morphegg snarled.

 Zedia had frankly had enough of this so called ‘master Sladen’

“Zed…” Blaze had finally picked himself up off the grass, “they already want to murder us… I would like my parents to find my body afterwards! So stop while your ahead, sorry, have a head!”

“SILENCE!! The end for you is near…”

Zedia suddenly felt weird. All sound was blocked out, he closed his eyes.

Serenity fell over him, and he felt like he was floating… suddenly a face appeared in his mind, it took him a moment to realise that it was his, but different.

For one it was more shaped and muscular than his, and the hair, even compared to his, was crazy. But the feature that really separated this doppelganger, was the eyes, they were a bold gold colour.

Before Zedia could decipher any more, it vanished and everything went dark, but only for a few seconds.

When vision and sound returned to him, Zedia witnessed the strangest thing.

All the Morpheggs lay slain upon the grass,

‘Even if they were evil… nothing deserves that…’ she thought.

“What happened,” Zedia asked.

“What?” Blaze said in shock, “You just went berserk and shot some crazy spell, and they all, sort of, exploded…”

Zedia didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t capable of what Blaze had described, so he did the thing he was best at,

 “Come on… we’re late for Duel Practice,” Zedia set off towards the grounds.

He was a few paces away before Blaze and Flora followed him.

As Flora followed Blaze, she saw something glint on the ground. She bent down to pick it up.

“Come on Flora,” Blaze called.

“Go ahead… ,” she answered, Blaze shrugged and continued walking.

The object was strang, it was kind of like an emblem… it was gold in colour, but with a red swirl running into the centre.

Flora knelt down, and placed her fingers on the strange object.

She immediately felt herself being entranced. She had no control over her body.

She pulled away, and threw herself up off the ground.

Flora blinked, but when she opened her eyes… the emblem was gone.

“Come on Flora!” Blaze shouted, he was at least a few hundred yards away from her now.

Flora shook her head, gathered her thoughts and ran after Blaze, Zedia and Aidez.




“Ha-ha!” the figure laughed, “he’s tougher than I thought…”

There was a knock at the massive wooden doors.

“Come!” the figure called.

Xaria entered the dark damp room.

“Ah, Xaria. Just the evil minion I needed to see!”

“I’m not your minion!” Xaria exclaimed.

“No, you’re my daughter…”

“I’m not that either,”

“Just shut it!” the figure snarled, “anyway, there is somebody I want you to summon for me…”

Xaria moved her eyebrows, and moved her mouth into a grin.

“Let me guess… the Morphegg?” she said.

The figure smiled.

“Yes… and be quick about it…”

Xaria walked over to the other side of the room. She raised her hands and started the summoning.

“By the wishes of my lord and master, I summon you now… leader of the first Morphegg squadron, Captain Disharkus!” 

A bright red spiral swirled up from the ground in the middle of the room. The Morphegg burst out of it on his knees. It grabbed hold of the figures knees.

“My master! I’m sorry! Please accept my apology…” the Morphegg begged.

“Get off of me!” the figure snarled, he swung his foot into Disharkus’ chest. He flew backwards and hit the wall Xaria was standing against.

“Master…” it coughed, “Sladen… please I’m sorry!”

“I don’t care, about your apology… I knew you would never beat him... he is the master wizard. You were just a test. But I didn’t realise you were that weak!” Sladen smiled.

“Like I said, sir. I’m sorry…” Disharkus pulled himself up, rubbing his chest with his black, clawed hands.

“And like I said… I don’t care!” Sladen snarled, his forehead wrinkling up.

Sladen raised his hand, and grinned.

“Please- master! Don’t!” Disharkus pleaded, if he had tear ducts they would be bursting at that moment.

“Back to the spirit world you go…” Sladen’s mouth formed into a massive creepy smile, as a black beam emanated from his staff. It hit the ground next to Disharkus. A red circle enclosed around him. He screamed as black, ghostly hands appeared from the ground and started to pull him into the portal that Sladen had created.

When Disharkus was fully absorbed, Sladen waved his hand and the ghostly fingers disappeared into the portal from whence they came.

“Was there any need for that?” Xaria asked, heading towards the door.

“No, not really,” Sladen grinned smugly.

“But! I have one more thing for him to do…”

Xaria shook her head, and left the room.

Sladen looked out of the small window.

“Watch out, Zedia Spell… he’s coming for you again,”

And he was gone…


The End

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