Chapter Ten

“Will you stop following me, for Merlin’s sake!” Zedia screamed at the green creature following at his shoulder, it’s big green eyes shining.

“Calm down, Zed,” Blaze patted Zedia on the shoulder, “I’m sure there’s one way to get rid of it,”

Flora and Blaze were struggling to keep up with Zedia’s angry pace.

“I like it, I think it’s cute,” Flora said, Zedia threw her a dirty look.

Zedia stared at Aidez and slid his eyes slyly.

“Why don’t you have one of these things?” Zedia asked angrily.

“Mine faded a few minutes ago… because I said the incantation properly!” Flora smiled.

“Be quiet…” Zedia growled.                   

The four entered into the path that led up to the schools field. They were stopped in their tracks when a deep voice called them from behind.

“Hey! Green boy!”

Zedia knew the voice.

“So you came back for more, Gareg?” he said, turning to the big snout faced boy standing a few metres away.

“Yeah, but this time- you’re gonna’ be the one who ends up with the snout… BOYS!”

Fifteen year tens piled from round the corner of the building at the bottom of the path.

“Err… run!” shouted Zedia.

The four burst into a run towards the field.

“You had to pick a fight with the biggest kid in the school, didn’t you, Zed!” Blaze shouted, out of breath.

“Sorry!” Zedia shouted back.

“Slow down,!” Gareg called from behind them.

“Take this! Disarmus!” Flora had shot a disarming spell at Gareg, but he dived out of the way, it had hit one of his goons. He fell back into the crowd.

Zedia’s heart was pumping violently. His face was going bright purple.

At last the four had entered the wide-open field.

“Shouldn’t we have run-” Blaze stopped talking for a moment to catch his breath. “Somewhere… else, than- the field?”

Zedia realised, there was nowhere to hide.




Three heart pounding minutes had passed since Zedia, Blaze, Flora and Aidez had entered the fields. They were now at a standoff.

Fifteen versus four.

They were doomed.

“What should we do?” mumbled Flora.

“Run?” Zedia mumbled back.

“No bloody way!” Blaze had shouted.

Gareg moved his face into a horrible smile, and swung his arms out so he formed a crude cross and screamed.

“MORPHUS PERFECTUS FORMUS!!” he grinned sinisterly as two beams of red erupted from each of his palms, And wrapped around all of the year tens.

There was a blinding light, Zedia, Flora and Blaze covered their eyes.

Even Aidez moved his wings so his eyes were hidden.

As the light died down, the fifteen figures had been replaced by something else…

Something worse…

Much worse.

“What… what are they?” Blaze asked.

“M… Morph… Morpheggs!”

What the four were looking at had absolutely no connection to what they were looking at sixty seconds ago. Gareg’s face had gone dark swampy green, and had one extra addition… an extra eye. All his hair had fell out and a horn had appeared on his head. His nose looked like it had been squashed back into his face. His school clothes had been replaced by a black cloak. The same went for every one of his friends.

“I am Captain Disharkus,  I will carry out the wills of my master!” Gareg snarled.

“ And who is your-” Flora was interrupted by Zedia.

“Let me guess… Sladen?”

Disharkus nodded smugly.

“YES!! And he wants you… Eliminated, Zedia Spell!” he roared.

“Why me?”

But Zedia got no answer, he barely had time to dodge a beam of fire shooting towards him.

He rolled into the mud. There was a scream as Flora was hit.

“Flora!!” Zedia screamed, he leapt up and ran towards the crowd.

“FIRE!”Morphegg Gareg snarled to his ‘army’.

Every single one of the Morpheggs started shooting flaming spheres at Zedia, Flora and Blaze, every single one of them missed.

Zedia yelled as he acrobatically jumped above the swarm of Morpheggs.

“Semi Destructamus!”

A black beam of surging power shot towards the crowd. There were a few low pitched roars of pain, and an explosion.   And suddenly there was a massive hole where ten Morpheggs were standing a few moments before.

“Yes!!” Zedia proclaimed, but his excitement was short lived.

More Morpheggs, who had seemed to come out of nowhere, replaced the hole.

“Oh, crap!” Blaze shouted. But then he cried out in pain. He had been hit.

Flora got back up again. And Zedia landed next to her, Blaze was trying to pick himself up off of the ground.

“We can’t beat them…” Zedia said.

“There’s too many…” Flora continued.

“We’re doomed,” Blaze finished.


The End

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