Chapter Nine

“Firstly, break up your bones with the grinder, and then mix the crumbs with the mucus,” said Mr Roargon.

Mr Roargon picked a box out from under his desk and walked around the classroom handing out rusted metal grinding machines.

Zedia placed the chunky bone inside the cylinder of the grinder.

He closed the hatch and started turning the handle, he could hear the bone being splintered.

After a good two minutes of grinding, Zedia opened the hatch and tipped it into a bowl. He then opened up the mucus tin and tipped that into the bowl as well. The mixture went a strange brown- like colour.

“Let’s make our Daemons then,” said Mr Roargon.

“Finally!” called Gareg from the desk behind Zedia.

“Yes,” mumbled the teacher, “so, please put the wooden board that Flora will give to you, on top of the bowl,”

“Yes Sir,” she said, and went over to the pile of planks on the teacher’s desk.

Zedia received his plank and placed it over the pot, covering the horrible brown liquid.

“And now, the big finale!” Mr Roargon joked, chuckling weakly, “Please take out your Staffs,”

So everybody, except Flora who’d had hers out since the start of the lesson, reached into their blazer pockets and pulled out their staffs.

“Now, to summon your Daemon, tap your design three times,” said the teacher, and the class did it, “and then tap the plank, then say ‘Summonus Temporara Daemon Ressurectus’” he emphasized the word ‘Temporara’.

So the whole class said the incantation correctly, except Zedia…

“Summonus ‘yawn’ Daemon Ressurectus,”

Mr Roargon only noticed what was going on when the smoke erupted from everyone’s staffs.

“No!” he screamed, the room filling with blue smoke. But there was a cloud of red, someone hadn’t said the incantation properly.

The smoke died out, and the room suddenly had twenty-four new additions.

Mr Roargon ran over to Zedia.

“What did you say!?” he shouted. Zedia winced as Mr Roargon’s saliva splashed onto his face

“The incantation! Exactly what you told me to say!” Zedia argued.

“No! You didn’t say ‘Temporara’!”

“Was I meant to?”

The school bell rang, slicing through the argument.

“Just go!” he called to the whole class, “all of your Daemons will fade within the hour, all except Zedia’s!”

“Well what am I meant to do?” asked Zedia angrily.

“I don’t know!” bellowed the purple-faced teacher.

“Just come on Zedia…” called Flora from the door. Zedia would sort this out later, so he went over to Flora and with one last look at the angry teacher, left the classroom. ‘Aidez’, at his shoulder.



The End

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