Chapter Eight

“Hello class,” the small humped man entered into the classroom, his voice was high, “I’m sorry Mr Drakothik cannot be teaching you today… but he has been called away on some urgent business. Anyway! I am Mr Roargon, and I’ll be your substitution teacher,”

His voice was quite annoying.

“Today, we are going to learn about these” he moved over to a wooden chest that was sitting on his desk.

“But sir… we were learning about Basic Dragonology, with Mr Drakothik,” Flora said.

“Yes well with me, you will be learning about these,” Mr Roargon unlocked the chest and yanked it open. A  red creature burst out of it. It was small and winged. Zedia ducked as it narrowly missed his head.

As the creature flew around the room, Mr Roargon pulled out his staff and called.

“Flamezra! Back into the chest!”

At once the creature flew back into the chest and Mr Roargon slammed the top shut.

“What, was that?” asked Zedia.

“That, was a Daemon,”

“A what?” asked a puzzled Zedia.

“Well-” Mr Roargon was interrupted by Flora.

“A Daemon,” she continued, “is a creature made by a wizard, it fades after a while but is very useful in Duels,”

She looked over to the annoyed face of Mr Roargon.

“Sorry sir,” she apologised.

“That’s okay, but next time… let the teacher answer the questions,”

Flora smiled apologetically.

The lesson droned on.

“Now, even if you fail this task… you must remember to say in your incantation, ’Temporara’ or suffer the consequences,” the teacher said. Zedia was nodding, but not listening. And he really should’ve.

“Firstly,” said Mr Roargon, “I want you to draw up your design,”

Zedia was good at art, so he’d decided he would take his mind off the strange-cloaked creature for a moment.

He decided that his Daemon was going to be called Aidez, his name spelt backwards. He didn’t know why, but apart from the creature, that was all he could think about.

“Now, like I said. You must say ‘Temporara’ or else I’m going to lose my job,” he chuckled.

“So, has everyone finished their designs?” the teacher asked hopefully. Zedia looked down at his winged creation. And said yes droningly, like the rest of the class.

“Right, now you all need to go and get half a litre of Earth Beast mucus each And 3 pounds of Dragons Bone. And once you’ve done that, we’ll continue,” Mr Roargon said. Zedia picked himself up of the uncomfortable wooden bench and went over to the dirty excuses for drawers. He went over to the drawer where the Bones were. There was a big label saying:


Zedia pulled the drawer open and looked down at all the different assortment of bones. He looked for the letter D for dragon. Everyone was pushing against him so he grabbed the thickest bone and went over to the drawer that Flora was standing at.

“Why the heck do we need Earth Beast mucus?” asked Zedia.

“It’s kind of like Daemon blood, because-”.

“I don’t need to know the whole story, Flora,” interrupted Zedia. He put his hand into the drawer and grabbed a pot of the horrible green liquid and returned to his desk. And eventually everyone else did the same.

“Okay, is everyone ready?” the teacher asked, and the whole class said yes, “Then lets begin!”


The End

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