Chapter Six

As Zedia went through the double doors that led into the main grounds, the air that blew onto his face almost                                drew tears. He didn’t know why. It just did.

As he began to walk to his house’s grounds he was almost oblivious to the voice calling to him.

“Zedia! Hey, Zed!”

Zedia stopped and twisted his head round to the bustling crowd.

“Hi Zedia,”

“Hello Blaze,” Zedia said to the flame haired boy.

Blaze and Zedia had been friends since they were toddlers.

 Blaze had moved from the village of Lore ten years ago. He had a small scar down his cheek from when they had tried to summon a small Flame Demon at the age of seven. They had only managed to summon the tail, and it had whipped them both. Blaze had been struck in on his cheek and Zedia had got the brunt of it on his shoulder.

Blaze stood shorter than Zedia, only by an inch or so, his hair was black, with a crimson line riding on the thickest strand.        

“What’s the matter with you Zed? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” Blaze asked Zedia.

“I have… sort of,” Zedia answered.

“What?” Blaze asked puzzled.

“Doesn’t matter, come on- we’re late for Elvish,”

“Oh yeah, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of Mr Swing-Sword,” Blaze chuckled.

Elvish was really boring, they learnt how to say ‘where is the lavatory?’ and other phrases like that. The lesson melded into astronomy where they learnt about the ‘Gazing Warrior’ star and how it was a bad omen to travellers on the Iron Sea.

Finally the bell for break broke through the boredom. As Zedia left the classroom, he noticed the deformity in the door where Flora had hit it at a high speed, tangled in green and yellow roots.

“Zed, I’m hungry,” said Blaze, rubbing his stomach.

“Yeah, I skipped breakfast. Lets go get something,”

So Zedia and Blaze left the astronomy department and headed towards the canteen.




“Xaria,” the speaker said, “did you find him?”

The girl stepped out of the shadows.

“Yes master,”

“Good, was he like the prophecy proclaimed?”

 “No… he was a thirteen year old boy. Not really   a master wizard in my book,”

“Well, if you begin your take over early… the gods have to pick early as well…”

The figure looked out of what was supposed to be a window. The scenery was miles of wasteland and a toothed pit. So it didn’t add much light.

“He will unlock his powers, and soon he will face the greatest test… a fight to the death,” he coughed out a small chuckle.

“Listen… do you want me to go back?”

“No thank you Xaria, I have something else up my sleeve”

He forced a smug smile.

“Fine,” answered Xaria, “so what is this ‘trick up your sleeve’?”

“Oh… you’ll see,” He said, as a strand of white, lifeless hair fell over his dark neon eyes.

Xaria turned away and left the dark room through the wooden double doors.

The figure then stepped back into the shadows, and was gone…


The End

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